Friday, January 30, 2009

Stock Losses

Over Wednesday night I lost the worms in my 2 black worm farms. I haven't had a loss like this since 1999. The night just didn't cool down.

Interesting thing is, the light coloured worm farm...worms are still going strong. I am sure it's due to the black trays attract and hold the heat.

Once the heat wave is over with, I'll transfer worms across to the 2 black farms. I am wondering though...............

  • Are worm eggs insulated from weather conditions, such as heat? If so, I am hoping the eggs will survive and hatch. If not, the worms will need to have lots of wild sex parties and breed like rabbits in a good season. mrgreen
  • Its amazing how many worms were in both farms........ 3 times the amount I was thinking there was and this will explain why they were eating through the food so quickly.
I hope your keeping cool in this heat and your animals are coping.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Manda and Marty said...

Oh no! Yours too! I'm also hoping the eggs have survived. I guess we'll both find out once the weather cools down.

Lucky-1 said...

This heat is shocking...... I so hope the eggs did survive.

The Duck Herder said...

oh no. I hope you found them before they started to stink. Now I am not a totally squeamish duck herder, and I like poo and stuff, but 1,000,000 dead worms - I have never smelt anything quite so bad.

And as a very smart but harsh friend of mine says "well duckie, if you have live stock then you have dead stock." It doesnt make me feel better about whoever it was that just died, but he does have a point!

Hang in there till we get a cool break.

duckie xxx

Savvy Mummy said...

Lucky, can worms eat boiled barley? I have made some barley drink but I usually throw away the barley and consume the barley water.

Lucky-1 said...

Savvy, I would feed it to the worms, ONLY if you have some fly wire to spread it on. That way the worms can't take it down into the castings and have the barley "brew".

Just pop some fly wire at 1 end and keep an eye on it.