Monday, February 23, 2009

Waiting For Rain.

If there was room for me up on top of the lounge, I would have joined Lucky, Rebel & Harley.

That's what I am doing, relaxing and waiting for the rain. Can't see the logic in trying to put seeds or seedlings into very dry soil.

Once the rain comes I'll be able to put my vegie patch to good use again. With new crops below and above the then moist soil.

We have some more 40 degree heat later in this week and no rain in sight. So until then I'll keep myself busy in my craft room.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Growth

Plants are responding so well to the cooler days and just take a look at what is growing.

New zucchinis are coming.

Tomato bushes are reshoting. I'll try and get to the tomato plants this evening when its a bit cooler.

Lemon tree has new leave coming. Poor thing sure had a beating in that heat wave.

For our little budgie, Rocky. Fresh millet seed growing organically in the apple area. I picked a dry one this morning and popped in his cage. We throw his seed into the duck run/orchard for the bantams to pick over. Some seeds must have shot. One happy budgie at the moment.

The ankle heel area of my foot is sore and tender this morning, but the leg side is good. Really hoping to be able to sort out those couple of tomato plants that have reshot.......

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Worms...... Lovely Worms

After waiting for the cream worm farm to dry out a tad bit, it was now time to start up the other 2 farms again. No way I was going to be able to move the light coloured farm if the castings were heavy with water.

Pat moved his car out of the way so I was able to play safely. The tarp was where the worm castings would be placed, so the working farm could be serviced.

I had left the castings in the black farms as most of the worms had died in the water collection trays.

Once all the farms had been moved, any weeds were removed and also the soil leveled again.

With Pat's help we moved the whole working farm on to the tarp, then the top was removed.

How the farm looked once the cream top was gone. Newspaper had dried and with not a lot of moisture in the castings that are full of worms.

Once the top layer was removed, moisture was easy to feel and see. Oodles of worms and as I transferred them from the tray to the tarp, a bucket load of castings, worm eggs and worms were placed in the feeding trays of the 2 black farms.

Back in April 2007 I set the light coloured farm up with worms, after being used as a compost bin. So I am just stoked with the amount of worms in the farm.

Last of the castings on the tarp. I like to think this one survived to help me start the other two farms up again. The worms cost about $60 for a small bucket at the shops.

Maybe its karma visiting me after helping wanna be worm farmers out. Lost count on how many people I have started up with worms from my farms.

Even with fly wire and the bird wire, worms still managed to get underneath in the water tray. Even managed to fill the tray with castings.

Just shy on 2 years worth of castings. This cream farm started with a handful of worms. I didn't have much of bedding in the farm when it was started up.

It's compacted here too. When I put the casting back in, they were higher up the sides.

Bird wire and 2 pieces of fly wire to try and keep the little buggers out of the water tray and also keep the worm castings out at the same time.

Finished and I figured a change is as good as a holiday for them.

This was the first serious play out in my garden since late last year after the Dr. told me to slow down with my painful leg/ankle. Really enjoyed the time outside and boy my back was sore after all the lifting. Also I was puffed and needed a sit down to recover. Who said gardening wasn't exercise.?? Not as fit as I once was.

Tomorrow will tell me if my leg/ankle is really to get back into the garden...... as I have a family to feed.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Give Blood

Pat & I have been watching on TV news bulletins the news coming out of Victoria.

We can't believe what we are seeing and hearing. Even though we have just come out of our own heatwave, I feel so guilty that I have so much and so many have nothing.

So we are going to do our bit to help those people.

Tomorrow we are off into the city centre as I am going to donate blood for the burn victims. Pat due to health reasons isn't able to do this any more.

  • Can you give blood?
  • Have you ever given blood and perhaps let this wonderful gift go by the wayside?
  • Its easy and doesn't hurt. Plus after wards you get a free cuppa and light feed.

I am urging anyone who is able to give blood to go to your nearest centre and give.......please.

Here is a link to their site and you'll find locations on it.

Also the Red Cross website

On pension day, we'll also be making a donation........

Also keep an eye & ear open for wildlife people asking for donations of bedding for animals injured in the fire.

Our prayers are with the men, women & children of Victoria

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Life Goes On

Its a lovely 26 degrees here today and I have just finished putting rooms back to normal. House has all its windows open and the kids are coming over for roast chicken tonight.

Cadbury needs a new house as the one she had, was chewed to bits. She has an open hutch and needs a little house to shelter in when she wants to feel safe. Even with her on a veranda, we feel she'd like a house to chew over a period of weeks.

Pat even gave her a little veranda of her own with this box.

As I said the temp is in the mid 20's and its so much nicer after all those hot days. Already I am thinking of what I want to do with the vegie patch.

Firstly I need to get hold of a new "moon chart" and plan the root crops. I'm not looking at the damage of cooked plants and thinking negative thoughts. You only need to turn the TV on or open a paper or listen to the radio to know there is someone worse that my little vegie patch.

Main vegie patch as of 10 mins ago. Considering it didn't have shade cloth (like Scarecrow's) I did fair pretty well.

Rhubarb is alive both #'s 10 & 11.... also Pepe's corn is still eggplants, capsicums, cucumber and some other plants.

Sizzled capsicums on the plants. As the plants are okay.... I'll give them some TLC and they take off again.

Blue Lake Bean pods to be picked and the seeds harvested for future crops. I can still put a crop of beans in and I'll get this started this week.

If these heatwaves continue, Pat & I will look into setting up shade cloth over the vegies in the coming summers. I have 8 bags of sheep manure in the duck shed....ready for future crops.

Life goes on and the rebuilding has begun.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

We Survived

We survived the heat wave.

Many didn't and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those families who lost a family member or friend through this heat wave.

Thank you to all medical people who came to people's help and to those who checked on their neighbours.

God Bless You.