Monday, February 09, 2009

Give Blood

Pat & I have been watching on TV news bulletins the news coming out of Victoria.

We can't believe what we are seeing and hearing. Even though we have just come out of our own heatwave, I feel so guilty that I have so much and so many have nothing.

So we are going to do our bit to help those people.

Tomorrow we are off into the city centre as I am going to donate blood for the burn victims. Pat due to health reasons isn't able to do this any more.

  • Can you give blood?
  • Have you ever given blood and perhaps let this wonderful gift go by the wayside?
  • Its easy and doesn't hurt. Plus after wards you get a free cuppa and light feed.

I am urging anyone who is able to give blood to go to your nearest centre and give.......please.

Here is a link to their site and you'll find locations on it.

Also the Red Cross website

On pension day, we'll also be making a donation........

Also keep an eye & ear open for wildlife people asking for donations of bedding for animals injured in the fire.

Our prayers are with the men, women & children of Victoria

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