Sunday, February 08, 2009

Life Goes On

Its a lovely 26 degrees here today and I have just finished putting rooms back to normal. House has all its windows open and the kids are coming over for roast chicken tonight.

Cadbury needs a new house as the one she had, was chewed to bits. She has an open hutch and needs a little house to shelter in when she wants to feel safe. Even with her on a veranda, we feel she'd like a house to chew over a period of weeks.

Pat even gave her a little veranda of her own with this box.

As I said the temp is in the mid 20's and its so much nicer after all those hot days. Already I am thinking of what I want to do with the vegie patch.

Firstly I need to get hold of a new "moon chart" and plan the root crops. I'm not looking at the damage of cooked plants and thinking negative thoughts. You only need to turn the TV on or open a paper or listen to the radio to know there is someone worse that my little vegie patch.

Main vegie patch as of 10 mins ago. Considering it didn't have shade cloth (like Scarecrow's) I did fair pretty well.

Rhubarb is alive both #'s 10 & 11.... also Pepe's corn is still eggplants, capsicums, cucumber and some other plants.

Sizzled capsicums on the plants. As the plants are okay.... I'll give them some TLC and they take off again.

Blue Lake Bean pods to be picked and the seeds harvested for future crops. I can still put a crop of beans in and I'll get this started this week.

If these heatwaves continue, Pat & I will look into setting up shade cloth over the vegies in the coming summers. I have 8 bags of sheep manure in the duck shed....ready for future crops.

Life goes on and the rebuilding has begun.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Peggy said...

I knew from reading the blogs that you were suffering the effects of this heatwave but now it has made our news reports here in Ireland ,especially the forest fires in NSW. Gardening goes on and hopefully yours will be back to full production soon.Take care

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Peggy.