Monday, February 23, 2009

Waiting For Rain.

If there was room for me up on top of the lounge, I would have joined Lucky, Rebel & Harley.

That's what I am doing, relaxing and waiting for the rain. Can't see the logic in trying to put seeds or seedlings into very dry soil.

Once the rain comes I'll be able to put my vegie patch to good use again. With new crops below and above the then moist soil.

We have some more 40 degree heat later in this week and no rain in sight. So until then I'll keep myself busy in my craft room.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Lucky,
I'm waiting for the rain too, I've decided to put in raised beds this time, so I'm just planning out my plantings and getting ready for the rain and doing a bit of craft. How is your rhubarb going by the way? I still have one plant alive.
take care

Lucky-1 said...

One rhubarb plant is going great other not so good.......Yes crafts are filling in those hours here too.

Scarecrow said...

Hey Lucky
Get your wellies out, rains on it's way!
We've had 5mm already and it's heading your way!

Lucky-1 said...

Trying to rain here now, humidity is around 50%.