Friday, February 13, 2009

Worms...... Lovely Worms

After waiting for the cream worm farm to dry out a tad bit, it was now time to start up the other 2 farms again. No way I was going to be able to move the light coloured farm if the castings were heavy with water.

Pat moved his car out of the way so I was able to play safely. The tarp was where the worm castings would be placed, so the working farm could be serviced.

I had left the castings in the black farms as most of the worms had died in the water collection trays.

Once all the farms had been moved, any weeds were removed and also the soil leveled again.

With Pat's help we moved the whole working farm on to the tarp, then the top was removed.

How the farm looked once the cream top was gone. Newspaper had dried and with not a lot of moisture in the castings that are full of worms.

Once the top layer was removed, moisture was easy to feel and see. Oodles of worms and as I transferred them from the tray to the tarp, a bucket load of castings, worm eggs and worms were placed in the feeding trays of the 2 black farms.

Back in April 2007 I set the light coloured farm up with worms, after being used as a compost bin. So I am just stoked with the amount of worms in the farm.

Last of the castings on the tarp. I like to think this one survived to help me start the other two farms up again. The worms cost about $60 for a small bucket at the shops.

Maybe its karma visiting me after helping wanna be worm farmers out. Lost count on how many people I have started up with worms from my farms.

Even with fly wire and the bird wire, worms still managed to get underneath in the water tray. Even managed to fill the tray with castings.

Just shy on 2 years worth of castings. This cream farm started with a handful of worms. I didn't have much of bedding in the farm when it was started up.

It's compacted here too. When I put the casting back in, they were higher up the sides.

Bird wire and 2 pieces of fly wire to try and keep the little buggers out of the water tray and also keep the worm castings out at the same time.

Finished and I figured a change is as good as a holiday for them.

This was the first serious play out in my garden since late last year after the Dr. told me to slow down with my painful leg/ankle. Really enjoyed the time outside and boy my back was sore after all the lifting. Also I was puffed and needed a sit down to recover. Who said gardening wasn't exercise.?? Not as fit as I once was.

Tomorrow will tell me if my leg/ankle is really to get back into the garden...... as I have a family to feed.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Peggy said...

I love gardening and anything garden related but worms?! I know from reading the Australian blogs a lot of you do have worm farms.
You did give them something akin to a holiday!

Lucky-1 said...

Over in your country, are worm farms popular?

Scarecrow said...

Hey Lucky
Thanks to your reminder...I went out and rebuilt my small worm farm this morning. I had some castings (from the big farm) to spread around the garden and made up a liquid brew too!
Cheers! :)

Make the most of the cooler weather and take care of that leg of yours.

Peggy said...

Not farms as such but some people have wormerys. A type of double bin, with worms in the top half and the 'worm tea' is collected in the bottom half!
Lots of worms in the ground here!

Lucky-1 said...

HI Scarecrow, taking good care of the leg. Cooler weather is wonderful, thought the smoke from Vic has Pat house bound.

Lucky-1 said...

Peggy, worms are just such an amazing little animal. Love to see them in the soil.