Saturday, March 21, 2009

Changes At Lucky's Duck Farm

I have always taken pride in my post on any four of my blogs. I show not only the good, but the bad and tonight/today the down right ugly. Including a photo of Amy's hand (further down the post) that was burnt with hot wax. Just wanted to warn you, before you go too far in reading this.

This summer with water restriction, my leg and that heat wave, has hit me for a six these last 4 months.

Late last year was my really last FAB TAB of a hard play in the garden. I'm talking adding food to the soil and turning over the soil.

I miss this so much and it put me in a dark corner for a long time. Now I can see a light at the end of that very long tunnel. Oh I so hate that saying......pees me off to no end.!!!! Light at the end of the tunnel....pleeezzz.

Lets take a look at 3 very sad photos of my garden before we talk about where Lucky's Duck Farm is heading in 2009. Its taken me a long time to make this decision and to have the honest guts to say it openly.

My little triangle in the just about dead lawn, this is where I'll start first. Was meant to be last Wednesday...but Amy burnt her hand badly with

hot wax and we have been busy taking her every second day to the burns unit in the Royal Adelaide Hospital to get treatment and to keep her out of the operating room.

Was such a relief when we were told she didn't need surgery to remove dead skin or that she needed a skin graft. They were able to remove all dead skin with the help of laughing gas. Except for a little bit that was removed over a period of visits.

So if all goes well, tomorrow will be the big start. If it doesn't happen tomorrow, I'll try for Monday. I won't let this become an issue that it plays on my mind..... I'll get started and plants in the ground, asap.

Now this area....... what is going to be happening to it?? Going to keep the no dig area as it what it is Hopefully this will help me to help my leg and not have the pain so bad I can hardly walk the next day. Having then to resort to heavy pain killers that knock me about.

I'm a big fan of no-dig gardens and so this area will still be growing vegies for Pat & myself and the animals.

What about the back area that isn't no dig??? Well I'm turning it into a rose garden with heavy mulching to keep those pesky weeds at bay and I'll grow herbs between the roses.

Time I took some time out and smelt some real roses.

Right down the back, we'll have an orange tree growing, near the lemon tree.

So I am not giving up gardening vegies ....just down sizing for 2 people.

So in the up coming weeks, months you will see my backyard change to a more manageable size for me.

Both Pat & I love roses and I think it'll brighten up the backyard and give it a rainbow of colours.

With talk of paying for every drop of water down the track, I have been hearing this a bit. Lack of rain here in Adelaide, the water restrictions we have now and caring for Pat....time I stepped back and had a think.

Some days I haven't enough hours to keep on top of everything..... so I hope you'll watch with interest and if you want to comment.....your most welcome too.

You'll also see like the garden, my blog having a tidy up and prune too.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Peggy said...

Good luck with the down sizing, gardening becomes a chore when it is something that is eating up your time and energy. Grow what you can and enjoy as much as you can, i hope the hand is better soon for Amy as it is nasty looking.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Peggy for all the positive words.....Amy's hand is improving and hopefully she'll be back at work soon too.

Chris said...

What a nasty accident to happen to Amy's hand. A scare for any mum! I'm glad it's one of the "better" burns to have happened though. Still must hurt!!

I can fully appreciate the stepping back and downsizing. Being flexible when the situation demands it, is a very wise move in deed. Nature cuts back on production when the seasons require it, and so must people.

Thanks for sharing your changes. I'll still read with interest. :)

Rest is not idleness said...

Ow, that burn looks sore. I hope Amy is better soon.
I was a bit disillusioned with my own small garden, what with the heat and the watering, I just gave up, so I'm starting over, but smaller (and with raised beds - thanks to hubby)and this time, I'm making time to get out into the garden every day and do a litle bit so I will be able to keep on top of it.
take care