Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mates Over For Breakfast

Pat & I had breakfast out the back this morning, with a few feathers friends. While we had juice and toast, they had the last of the multi grain loaf I had made the day before.

Clancy is looking good here...... if someone had their way when they called in.... she'd be no more. I had some people last weekend drop by and wanted to buy Clancy and Banjo, to eat.

No way was I selling any of my little mates for any amount of $$$$.

Duchess is finally over her molt. Boy she was one scruffy lady for weeks. Such a pretty little thing. Duchess is the smallest of my flock and suffers for this. If she's not careful, she can get run over by a pile of hungry webbed footed bigger ducks.

Is the coast clear? Can we come out?

Like seagulls at the beach, when hot chips are around.

They were so excited about having the people side of the garden to roam round in. Lot of quacking going on and bread to feast on.

Today they didn't venture into the vegie patch. Give them a couple more goes at this and they'll be in straight away.

Ducks can't do any harm in my vegie patch as most is ready to be removed and either fed to the chooks or composted. So they can hunt for snails and bugs in the soil and generally have a ball.

Time to go home and close the gate.

While I am posting here. Pat is whipper snipping the area around the small sqaure plot. Then I can see what is going on and remove any weeds and pile in some new compost I have made and sheep manure.

Having breakfast with the ducks and listening to them and the chooks, great way to start the day.

Until next time....hoo roo

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