Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Raining......Yayyyyyy

In Adelaide we have had just over 2 inches of rain in the last say...... 48 hours. mrgreen Best rainfall in 11 months they are saying.

I think the weather man was taken off guard as there was talk of maybe 27 mm.

Been out taking lots of photos of the rain as I always do. I have cropped a couple for the benefit of me just having fun showing off some drops of rain.

Water is hanging in the streets and where Amy used to part her car out the front of our house. Lawn and soil is sucking up the water while the poultry are enjoying the rain.

We even had a spider wanting to come inside at one stage this morning. Millie was talking to the spider through the front door screen.

So enough of me waffling on...... let the photos of the glorious rain begin and hopefully if you click on the pictures, they don't load up too big.


It's raining...

it's pouring....

Water everywhere.....

Little Murray Jay sheltering out the back.....

Cool........another plop...........

Off now for some homemade pea & ham soup...

Until next time....hoo roo from the wet ones mrgreen

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drylander Visits

Good friends from up north have been staying with us for a couple of days. Mr. & Mrs. Drylander also brought their little puppy "Toby".

It's been a great visit and as always, wonderful to catch up with them. When ever we head north, we always call in and catch up.

We got to know Drylander through the garden forum and so we had a good talk about gardening, weather and general chit chat.

Toby tends to go to sleep a lot this way and while I took this photo, my son James said come and stand where I am.

The headless dog from the north. lol Just had to pop this photo up here.

Been fun catching up and spending time together.

This morning Mrs. Drylander and I went to "Spotlight" and I bought some material to make my "God Puppy" a couple of little puppy quilts.

Until next time....hoo roo

Friday, April 10, 2009

Starting Over

Yesterday Pat made a start in the 2 X 2 metre plot just out from our kitchen window. It took him all day and was just finishing off the last bits at 4 pm when our "good gardening buddy" Pepe rocked up with some seedlings for us.

While Pat was doing the hard slog outside I was inside cleaning and making some hot cross buns for afternoon tea.

So lets see what Pat was doing, as I wasn't able to dig due to my leg.

Look at the encroachment of the lawn into the plot. We had a talk about how to remove it and we decided the best way was ........ remove the pavers and dig it over taking away the lawn as it was done.

Chooks scored 2 wheel barrows full, as when the pavers were removed the lawn was able to be shoveled away.

All cleared away and into the soil went 2 bags of sheep poo, some gypsum, blood and bone, given a good forking over. Through out the morning I was keeping a close eye on him. Making sure he wasn't pushing himself too far.

By now Pat was getting buggered and had a break and some lunch.

Now if it was me I wouldn't have done such a great job putting the pavers back in like Pat did. Hoping it'll be 12 to 18 months before these pavers will need removing like this again. I refuse to use chemical of any kind in my garden.

Pepe came at 4 pm and loaded with lovely healthy green seedlings from his garden for us. We had a cuppa and some freshly made hot cross buns toasted and a chat. Then it was down to the easy part of the playing. Transplanting out the seedlings.

Look at all those lovely mixed loose leaf lettuce seedlings. With a couple of dill seedlings thrown in for good measure.

All done and safe under the bird netting.

Many thanks to Pat for saving my leg the pain of the days hard chore and to Pepe who not only transplanted out these beauties, but also cleared some weeds in the dry dusty soil in another part of the garden. But also sowed me some broad beans and peas in this area after wards.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Taking Back Some Backyard

Today was a big day for us out the back. Finally after our old EA Ford sitting out the back taking up space, it was taken away today. Only been there for about 3 years roughly.

I had finally convinced Pat it was time to get rid of it and with money become scarce, we didn't hold out much hope in people wanting to buy parts or the whole car for fixing up another EA Ford.

Took a while for the car to be loaded onto the tandem trailer.

Bye bye car, you were a good car while you were running. Like a family member being taking off to the oldies home.

Now the car is gone, the side gate can go back onto the fence and the little side gate can be closed.

This used to be my herb garden under the climbing rose. That never gets watered and it's a bloom'n hit. White Ice Burg..... grows in a desert I'm sure.

When the car was put there my herb garden was left to die, no room for me to garden.

Look at all that space, outside bins can go back where they used to go. Little bit of TLC and that are will be looking FAB TAB again.

Feels good looking at the area and I'm so happy the car is now gone.

Until next time....hoo roo

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Felix & Oscar

Felix & Oscar are growing and changing. Not those little tiny fluffy babies now. I often see them away from Bonnie, investigating on their own.

They are still shut off from the chooks and the ducks, having a safe area to run and grow.

Felix is now bigger than Oscar and at times seems to really want to be with the ducks, more so than her family. She's still too little as I worry that she'll get hurt or drown in the big pond.

Being bigger helps when wanting to push siblings out of the way.

Oscar is a pure Sussex bantam crossed with an Isa brown. Oscar has great colouring on her wing bars.

But on her back she's snow white still.

Hoping both babies are little girls.

I still have to watch where I put my feet at meal times as they tear around their area like there is no tomorrow.

Until next time....hoo roo

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