Friday, April 10, 2009

Starting Over

Yesterday Pat made a start in the 2 X 2 metre plot just out from our kitchen window. It took him all day and was just finishing off the last bits at 4 pm when our "good gardening buddy" Pepe rocked up with some seedlings for us.

While Pat was doing the hard slog outside I was inside cleaning and making some hot cross buns for afternoon tea.

So lets see what Pat was doing, as I wasn't able to dig due to my leg.

Look at the encroachment of the lawn into the plot. We had a talk about how to remove it and we decided the best way was ........ remove the pavers and dig it over taking away the lawn as it was done.

Chooks scored 2 wheel barrows full, as when the pavers were removed the lawn was able to be shoveled away.

All cleared away and into the soil went 2 bags of sheep poo, some gypsum, blood and bone, given a good forking over. Through out the morning I was keeping a close eye on him. Making sure he wasn't pushing himself too far.

By now Pat was getting buggered and had a break and some lunch.

Now if it was me I wouldn't have done such a great job putting the pavers back in like Pat did. Hoping it'll be 12 to 18 months before these pavers will need removing like this again. I refuse to use chemical of any kind in my garden.

Pepe came at 4 pm and loaded with lovely healthy green seedlings from his garden for us. We had a cuppa and some freshly made hot cross buns toasted and a chat. Then it was down to the easy part of the playing. Transplanting out the seedlings.

Look at all those lovely mixed loose leaf lettuce seedlings. With a couple of dill seedlings thrown in for good measure.

All done and safe under the bird netting.

Many thanks to Pat for saving my leg the pain of the days hard chore and to Pepe who not only transplanted out these beauties, but also cleared some weeds in the dry dusty soil in another part of the garden. But also sowed me some broad beans and peas in this area after wards.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Savvy Mummy said...

Lucky, so cool to do a new bed! Looking at the netting reminds me of one that I just put up yesterday too! Not to prevent birds but butterflies! I have got butterfly eggs on the radish leaves that I needed to pull three of them up...Hence the netting.

You mention not using chemical of any kind, then can I ask you what u use to supply trace elements to vege? I know most natural fertilisers contain NPK but it seems only chemical fertilisers have the complete elements for good plant health. Would appreciate your advice. :)

Lucky-1 said...

Savvy, first off let me say I have no training in horticulture and I am only going on what I have read and how I have interpreted it.

I feed the soil rather than the plants, as I believe this is a better way to go about growing my vegies.

Depending on what is to be planted in the area, I'll add aged manure and having a free supply from my sister...I am very generous in this area. Compost I have made, blood & bone (in the warmer months as it needs warmth in the soil to activate this) and gypsum as we live in a very clay area.

So that is how I treat the soil.

Now while the plants are growing, I feed them worm wee 1/3 wee and 2/3 water weekly and when the plants are flowering...potash dissolved in water. This helps with the flowering and setting the fruit.

When the seedlings go out into the garden, seasol for transplant shock and to help get the root strong for the plants growth. Plus a handful of worm castings in the hole before the seedling goes in.

That's about it.

Hope this has helped you:D

Libby said...

Its all going on in the gardens at the moment. Can't wait to get my plants in!!

melissa said...

hi lucky ... nice to see your renovation plans .. you've inspired me to renovate old neglected garden beds ( from 6 years ago ....) this winter its going native
and savvy mummmy ...can i put my 2 cents in ... use manures ,charlie carp , mulch ,bedding from animals .compost and your garden will thank you ...truly it can be done .. i do lucky haven't used any thing not natural for years ... I will tho happily use derris dust .pyrthruem and natural fertilers ...lime for tomatos
Hope you dont mind me butting in ...)

Lucky-1 said...

That's great news Melissa, butt away with good sound advice:D

Chris said...

Well done. Love both ya work, and Pepe's - what a mate!!

Looking forward to seeing how well it grows.