Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rumpus Room Make Over

Its taken a long time, but we have finally replaced the carpet in our rumpus room. The old carpet was in the house when we bought the place 10 years ago.

We were using carpet cut offs to cover the holes and as time went by it became older and more worse for wear. We also found that the carpet wasn't laid properly, this made it easy for removing.

Ben came round and helped us remove the carpet as Pat wasn't able to do it with his asthma. It was amazing the amount of dust underneath the carpet and underlay. I actually used the vacuum cleaner to remove all the crap off the cement. I rewarded Ben with a hot meal as Amy was at a Pink concert with her best friend.

The was furniture and such was all over the house overnight. Cats either loved the cement and kept running all over it, or if they walked on it...... they were like bottle brushes. So funny to watch them.

Today the guys came and laid out the carpet. There is enough left over to carpet our bedroom as well. Bonus ... as we bought an end of roll.

We went to 5 different carpet places and not until we saw this carpet did we at all look at a green carpet. Green is my most fav colour and when both of us saw the carpet, we knew this was the one for us. Other wise we were looking at browns and grays.

All laid and so far we have only put back the futon and the TV cabinet and the TV. Getting late in the day and we want to make sure the room isn't over cluttered.

Freezer isn't going back in the room as we don't want it on new carpet. So my computer desk is going out there tomorrow and the freezer will go when my desk is. Now the futon won't be jammed up against the back door. Thinking of putting the lounge book case where the freezer was.

My desk will go against this wall and free up the bathroom window to let more light in. We had a full length wall unit there against the window. This until will go for the time being where the book case is in the lounge room......... are you keeping up family members?? lol

So there you have it......... room looks so swish and just lovely.

Until next time....hoo roo

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chooks, Chooks, Chooks

Thought I'd show you some chook pictures as its been a while since I have done this. My girls are either busy moulting and just finished mouting.

I think the girls can look rather funny with half their bodies naked and looking scruffy as. I am getting about 4 eggs a day still, so I'm happy with their effort.

"Purps" is the oldest hen and I bought her as a point of lay back in 2005. She's the biggest hen in the flock. Looks beautiful and fluffy with a lovely rich colour in her feathers.

Mango came to live with me along with Peaches back in 2007. She was very embarrassed while moulting and was being picked on by the other hens. She'd hide behind my legs when I was in the chook run. I always made sure she had lots to eat when I was feeding them.

One of the "blue rinse set" girls, doesn't she look disgustingly happy and oblivious to her devilish look? More interested in the grain sprinkled round on the grass cuttings in their run, than how her feathers look for a photo.

"Purps" looking ever so swish surrounded by the unkept ones. Must be good for one's confindence and vanity.

I love my girls and they bring me so much joy.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This afternoon for about three hours Pat was mowing the back lawn at his speed. It's not a big back lawn, but it still took him ages.

Still needs to finish the lawn off tomorrow, as he ran out of breath.

Seeing as I had fresh green lawn and weeds to compost, I joined Pat out the back, emptying the tumbler into the no dig garden and gave the girls a wheel barrow of green lawn/weed cuttings.

Ducks and bantams love compost day as this means lots of goodies to eat and fresh damp soil to scratch round in.

I had been saving paper and shredding it for the girl's next boxes.

The old paper from the nest box was put into the tumbler along with the compost collected and stored in the black compost bin. Plus more weeds and lawn clippings added and then given a good tumble to mix it up.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greens Is Good

Green is my most favourite colour and the backyard is looking nice and green.

Still got areas in my garden not growing food, but I'm not stressing out over this. Letting the soil rest this season and will get things going again for the summer crops.

But my garden is happy to grow food itself.

Baby Italian parsley seeds.... love it.

Our good gardening buddy Pepe put me onto the Italian parsley and once last years plants went to seed...I let them do their thing.

Silverbeet is what I grew last year and its survived the summer and has re-shot. Rabbits are enjoying a tasty feed of this.

So life goes on at Lucky's Duck Farm, plants and animals come and go.

Until next time....hoo

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Thank You

To all those who have left comments or privately emailed me, about the loss of Banjo......

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good-Bye Banjo

Sunday morning my beautiful "pie" Muscovy Banjo died.

I have only just been able to sit and write about her here. Banjo was an amazing duck as she was my only brooder when I wanted ducklings and was so good at being a mum. Also she was such a proud mum too.

For regular readers you will remember when Banjo went missing in September 2007. How happy we were when we got her back a couple of weeks later in October 07.

She's buried in the duck run and once the plum tree grows even bigger, she'll have afternoon shade sheltering her in the summer months.

Banjo was an adult duck when she came to live with us and such a special feathered friend. We'll miss you here at Lucky's Duck Farm. Thank you for your friendship and countless clutches of ducklings.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

After The Rains

Yesterday we had another 2 mm of rain and with today being a beautiful day, Pat & I went for a walk. I took along my camera just on the off chance we saw something interesting and worth will sharing.

So grab your walking shoes and come along with us.

One of the many street we walked along. Parrots were busy screeching and flying in and out of the trees.

This tree was a victim of strong winds at one stage. Just love the texture and colour of the wood.

Oh course with the autumn rains, comes the weeds. Lots of weeds popping up along side the roads and foot paths. Make a pleasant change from not seeing any green at all.

Power of the weeds....... these little weeds were in an area all on their own. For something so little the strength in these weeds is really amazing.

Moths creep me out, so much that I popped the camera down close and stood back. As far as I could and took a pile of photos hoping for a good one. Not sure what variety it is, buy it sure was huge as moths go.

Field mushrooms starting to pop up in people's lawn or where the lawn used to be and under trees along footpaths.

Ants busy repairing or getting ready for the next rain perhaps??

Do you think these guys may know Noah and heard of a flood coming??? Either that the ants in this street are more intelligent that the ants in the other photo.

So there you have it... back home in your own house after a lovely and interesting walk with Pat & myself. Lots to look at and always changing.

Until next time.... hoo roo