Saturday, May 02, 2009

After The Rains

Yesterday we had another 2 mm of rain and with today being a beautiful day, Pat & I went for a walk. I took along my camera just on the off chance we saw something interesting and worth will sharing.

So grab your walking shoes and come along with us.

One of the many street we walked along. Parrots were busy screeching and flying in and out of the trees.

This tree was a victim of strong winds at one stage. Just love the texture and colour of the wood.

Oh course with the autumn rains, comes the weeds. Lots of weeds popping up along side the roads and foot paths. Make a pleasant change from not seeing any green at all.

Power of the weeds....... these little weeds were in an area all on their own. For something so little the strength in these weeds is really amazing.

Moths creep me out, so much that I popped the camera down close and stood back. As far as I could and took a pile of photos hoping for a good one. Not sure what variety it is, buy it sure was huge as moths go.

Field mushrooms starting to pop up in people's lawn or where the lawn used to be and under trees along footpaths.

Ants busy repairing or getting ready for the next rain perhaps??

Do you think these guys may know Noah and heard of a flood coming??? Either that the ants in this street are more intelligent that the ants in the other photo.

So there you have it... back home in your own house after a lovely and interesting walk with Pat & myself. Lots to look at and always changing.

Until next time.... hoo roo


Karen's Korner said...

Thanks for inviting me to walk alongside you both. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the sights and your commentry.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Karen. Just such a lovely work with so many happy birds screeching above our heads in the trees.