Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chooks, Chooks, Chooks

Thought I'd show you some chook pictures as its been a while since I have done this. My girls are either busy moulting and just finished mouting.

I think the girls can look rather funny with half their bodies naked and looking scruffy as. I am getting about 4 eggs a day still, so I'm happy with their effort.

"Purps" is the oldest hen and I bought her as a point of lay back in 2005. She's the biggest hen in the flock. Looks beautiful and fluffy with a lovely rich colour in her feathers.

Mango came to live with me along with Peaches back in 2007. She was very embarrassed while moulting and was being picked on by the other hens. She'd hide behind my legs when I was in the chook run. I always made sure she had lots to eat when I was feeding them.

One of the "blue rinse set" girls, doesn't she look disgustingly happy and oblivious to her devilish look? More interested in the grain sprinkled round on the grass cuttings in their run, than how her feathers look for a photo.

"Purps" looking ever so swish surrounded by the unkept ones. Must be good for one's confindence and vanity.

I love my girls and they bring me so much joy.

Until next time....hoo roo

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corinne said...

Purps does indeed look very pleased with herself :).