Monday, July 06, 2009

Market Trip

On Sunday Pat & I went to one of the local markets in Port Adelaide. I was after a triangle steamer insert for my pressure cooker I love using for our vegies.

At these markets there are kitchen wares being sold that your grandparents used when they were young. So its great place to find what one is looking for. Thing is I wasn't going to pay $29.00 for the steamer inset as last time I was there and bought was $3.00.

Anyway when we go there, we always park away from the markets and walk along the wharfs and see what there is to look at.

On this day the tall ship "Falie"was in for a visit. Beautiful ship...not as big as what I thought it was going to be though.

Look from the back of her.

This ship amused me as its way out the water on dry dock.

We've been here in Adelaide for 15 years now, never taken a river dolphin cruise. Pat & I will need to change this when the warmer weather is here.

Light house on the outside of the huge shed where the market is held. Around this are the food trailers offering all those yummy hot foods that aren't good for us.

Impressive isn't it??? Old and new items are sold here. The stall I wanted is gone now, the man died a few months ago and his wife wasn't interested in continuing. Now new stalls have taken up his area and hence the old kitchen wares aren't as easy to find or cheap.

Different look under the roof, its also got an upstairs area as well.

Our brunch.... best donuts in my books (15 mini), egg & bacon roll and a skinny coke. You can if you want dine in a couple of those little cafe shops......... but we didn't want to increase the house mortgage to pay for it. lol

A great morning out and fun strolling up and down the isle.

Oh I did get a streamer insert at a different market we went to afterwards, for $5.00. Not a triangle insert, but good enough and way cheaper......

Until next time....hoo roo

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