Sunday, August 30, 2009

Congratulations Amy & Ben

Congratulations Amy & Ben on your engagement.

Big party for them last night.

That's me..... just in case you didn't recognize me lol. I actually felt quite comfortable in my glad rags and not t-shirt and shorts.

My baby girl gets married May next year.

Until next your children as they grow so fast....hoo roo

Monday, August 24, 2009

Root Crops Are In

Before the forecast rain comes today (looking very threatening) we sowed carrots, radishes and beetroot.

Bird netting is more for my benefit as well as keeping birds away from the tender shoots as they germinate. I might forget where I sowed to seeds and put my foot on them.

We had some light rain overnight, soil is lovely an moist. Sub soil is looking very wet too. Been a long time here since we have seen that.

Hoping today to start some seeds off in punnets. That may not happen though..... have to get my sewing room ready for Pat's dad who arrives from Sydney tomorrow for Amy & Ben's engagement this weekend. Pa is also staying for a few weeks.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Before & After.

Lot of photos to look at today, may need a cuppa for this one. lol

Today was my first real play in the vegie patch this year. In Late November last year my doctor told me to rest my ankle and tone the gardening right back. I have bad legs most of my life, but the ankle was a new problem. As I don't play sports, the garden was blamed for my swollen and very sore ankle.

I was devastated and for a while I wouldn't go on a gardening forum I live at and a couple of other garden forums I loved to stop by and chat with other gardeners. Even my depression flared up as I found it so hard.

That is when I took up quilting for a new interest and something to keep me sane.

Well the ankle is still not much better, I have changed doctors and bugger it.... I'm gardening.

My poor garden, over run with winter weeds but with lots of compost, chook waste and bunny bedding being put around the areas while I moped and sewed.

Lets take a look at the before photos I took this morning and the help I rounded up, to play along side of me. Then the end results.

This area was last years tomatoes, capsicums & leeks. Picked the last 3 capsicums for the kitchen the rest of the plants & weeds were either fed to the ducks, chooks or compost bay.

Pat tackled this area as I was busy elsewhere in the garden. Not only that, my ankle doesn't have the strength to use a garden fork to turn such a big area over.

The photos are partly in the shade as it was early in the morning when I took them.

This is the area I worked in. Look at last years asparagus spears. I have never had them in this condition before. I started at the front and as I worked towards the back.... weeds were removed and the old stalks cut off at ground level.

Next to be done was last years silverbeet and Italian parsley. I removed what stakes I could manage and Pat did the rest of them.

By this time the rabbits, ducks & chooks were having a very green weedy breakfast. Thank goodness also for the open compost bay for the dead asparagus spears.

It was a real working bee too. Everyone was pulling their weight, cats were sunning themselves in the windows while they watched and snoozed. Chooks were turning over all their boxes of weeds I had pulled. Plus the wheel barrow loads Pat had pulled out as he turned over the area at the back.

Ducks were on bug, slug and snail patrol. They had so much fun and were quacking non stop.

All seven ducks had a real talk fest going on in the broad beans that our "good gardening buddy" Pepe had sown for us. Found baby bean pods on them today. mrgreen

Once the asparagus was cleaned up the ducks were checking the area out. This became a problem as their webbed feet where starting to damage the tender spears. So I sacked them and popped them back in their run.

It was very hard having them under foot as Clancy wasn't there to be hand fed curl grubs and no Roz to pull on my pants asking for her share. cry

Girls were thinking it was Christmas I am sure. So many weeds and greens for them to scratch over. Lovely yummy yellow egg yokes will be made from all their work. I haven't bought eggs for 10 years now.

We had a few breaks as the morning wore on. Coffee, skinny coke and some apple/rhubarb and custard for morning tea. I think the apple & rhubarb tasted even better today.

So now your've seen the messy garden and my lovely helpers.

The unveling of my vegie patch with help from Pat and the feathery ones.

Last summer was the first year this part of the no-dig garden was used. This second season will have tomatoes growing there. Over the months I had added rabbit hutch bedding and chicken litter when the chook run and bedding area was cleaned out.

I raked it over and added 3 large bags of sheep manure that my sister supplies me with. Because I don't pay for it, I was able to add that extra bag.

Look at the asparagus area now, all weeded and cut back. Also spread over their area was sheep manure as well as around the silverbeet. Moved the little bird bath over to this area as I can fill it when I water the plants.

Those weeds at the front left will be removed tomorrow. By about this time both Pat was tired and breathless (wind had come up) and my ankle was hurting.

You can see where Pat weeded as he turned over the soil for me. I kept a close eye on him, that he didn't over do it. He's having a lay down now as he's tired and needs to rest.

The garden looks loved again doesn't it?? Tomorrow I'll cover all that sheep manure with compost. Then here is hoping next pay I'll have the first of our tomatoes in for the 09/10 season.

Still lots to do, but Rome wasn't build in a day...... about a fortnight wasn't it question

Until next time.... hoo roo.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Day Has Arrived

I was wondering if this day was ever going to arrive. After 10 years of gardening vegies and 11 rhubarb plants later I can announce the following.

Tonight we're have stewed rhubarb & apple with custard. mrgreen

For the last 10 years I have been trying to grow a rhubarb plant.

I've bought them as crowns (naked) from different local nursery. Also from Bunnings, even a lovely friend sent me plants from her garden. But they all died. cry

It became a standing joke amongst my gardening buddies how I was a "Cereal Killer" as I killed them so quickly after I bought them.

I'm sure saw the little plants quivering on their little shelf displays if I was anywhere near them. Cowering and hiding behind each other, hoping not to be bought by me.

October last year I bought numbers 10 & 11. Ran a voting poll on where my readers though they would grow or not.

Well number 10 made it to grow into the most beautiful plant and today I harvested a few of his leaves and they are now stewed along with some apples.

For some reason I think a backyard garden doesn't look complete with out the odd rhubarb plant growing somewhere.

So if you can't grow something, keep on trying...... you may just achieve it in the end.

Oh and check out Percy, he's been to "River Cottage" over in England and was nearly cook by the chef.

Until next time....hoo roo

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Happenings

While Rebel was doing his usual daily "thing" on the lounge cat pillows, life was passing him by.

Rebel sleeps his days & nights away to the stage when he's awake, we say he's on his lunch break or tea break.

Rebel has missed the following on this beautiful if early spring day here in Luckyland.

This caterpillar was making fast work on the diet buds. I'm not a big fan of caterpillars and used to have nightmares when we visited grandma's place as a child. They used to drop off the grape vines as we walked under them to get into her house.

My favourite fruit is the white flesh nectarine. I have now my very own tree and this will be the second season in the garden.

Love gazania flowers and this plant isn't watered much and so its not taking over the garden. Years old and just such a bright sunny flower.

All photos were taken by Pat with is Olympus E-300 camera, except the lad sleeping a beautiful Saturday away.


Don't forget to check out Percy's Postcards blog. He's been to Holland & Germany now.

Until next time....hoo.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fox Raid

Last Friday night a fox paid a visit and we lost Clancy & Roz (last 2 original ducks) and Bonnie & Clyde the 2 silky hens.

The only body not recovered was Clyde. Clancy, Roz & Bonnie were buried in the old raspberry area. This spring we are planning on planting a passion fruit vine there.

Saturday was not a good day here. I hadn't locked them away that night. You'll never know how much I regret this.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bird & The Bees.

As promised, photos of some bees busy collecting pollen from almond blossoms.

Pat took these with his Olympus E300 on macro.

Close enough to see his pollen sacks full.

Too busy to worry about us taking photos.

Really puts my camera to shame.

This little fella was happy feeding on our lawn this morning.

Love the fact we are in the city and we get parrots come in and wander around our yard.

Love how the sun shines on his feathers.

Until next time....hoo roo

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