Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Day Has Arrived

I was wondering if this day was ever going to arrive. After 10 years of gardening vegies and 11 rhubarb plants later I can announce the following.

Tonight we're have stewed rhubarb & apple with custard. mrgreen

For the last 10 years I have been trying to grow a rhubarb plant.

I've bought them as crowns (naked) from different local nursery. Also from Bunnings, even a lovely friend sent me plants from her garden. But they all died. cry

It became a standing joke amongst my gardening buddies how I was a "Cereal Killer" as I killed them so quickly after I bought them.

I'm sure saw the little plants quivering on their little shelf displays if I was anywhere near them. Cowering and hiding behind each other, hoping not to be bought by me.

October last year I bought numbers 10 & 11. Ran a voting poll on where my readers though they would grow or not.

Well number 10 made it to grow into the most beautiful plant and today I harvested a few of his leaves and they are now stewed along with some apples.

For some reason I think a backyard garden doesn't look complete with out the odd rhubarb plant growing somewhere.

So if you can't grow something, keep on trying...... you may just achieve it in the end.

Oh and check out Percy, he's been to "River Cottage" over in England and was nearly cook by the chef.

Until next time....hoo roo


Michelle said...

There is nothing like enjoying produce you have grown yourself, especially when u have waited so long for rhubarb!

I would like to ask you if you have time about best type of ducks to get and how to keep them. Iwuld free range them bt lock at night into a currently disused hen house. Was thinking woud get a baby bqth for them and do I put drinking water in a bucket. Any ideas if you have time would be most appreciated. I currently keep chooks but have no ducks.
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PS Enjoy reading your blog...

Libby said...

I adore, stewed rhubarb, especially if some has been left in the fridge over night, you can have it fro breakfast. Definately wakes you up!