Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Happenings

While Rebel was doing his usual daily "thing" on the lounge cat pillows, life was passing him by.

Rebel sleeps his days & nights away to the stage when he's awake, we say he's on his lunch break or tea break.

Rebel has missed the following on this beautiful if early spring day here in Luckyland.

This caterpillar was making fast work on the diet buds. I'm not a big fan of caterpillars and used to have nightmares when we visited grandma's place as a child. They used to drop off the grape vines as we walked under them to get into her house.

My favourite fruit is the white flesh nectarine. I have now my very own tree and this will be the second season in the garden.

Love gazania flowers and this plant isn't watered much and so its not taking over the garden. Years old and just such a bright sunny flower.

All photos were taken by Pat with is Olympus E-300 camera, except the lad sleeping a beautiful Saturday away.


Don't forget to check out Percy's Postcards blog. He's been to Holland & Germany now.

Until next time....hoo.

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