Thursday, September 10, 2009


This little female magpie comes in morning and night for a feed of meat from the scrap bucket. I feed her on the lawn to save her trying to get food from the duck's scrap bowl.


Michelle said...

Lucky magpie :)

I am wondering what sort of things (recipes etc) you recommend for using duck eggs.

I am excited as I got my first ducks recently (3 Elizabeth ducks of which 2 are girls) and they started laying this week. Last 3 days got an egg each day and today got 2 eggs!) I havent actually ever even tried a duck egg! People have said duck eggs make great cakes so what do you use them for? Have u eaten them same way as you would a hen egg? Thanks

Lucky-1 said...

Hello Michelle:)

I use ducks eggs for all cooking as in cake, biscuits and vegetable slices like my "zucchini slice".

Duck eggs are a bit richer than the humble chook egg. Pat (hubby) throws up for hours if he has a duck egg soft boiled, scrambled or fried. But if used in cakes and such, he is okay. Go

I have Filipinos buy my eggs and they salt them with a pickling brine and eat them with salads.

Also I have other people who love them soft boiled.

Comes down to a matter of choice.

Cakes/sponges are amazing when cooked with duck eggs. Good luck:)

Anonymous said...

Love the maggie. We get a few families of them visiting here. You can set your watch by them. 7am for brekky, they arrive on our roof, singing and waiting to be fed, then 4pm sharp on the back fence reminding us again its food time lol.