Sunday, October 18, 2009

Been A Bean Day.

Today was such a beautiful spring day, that when I went out to feed the animals, I decided a day in the vegie patch was called for.

First off I picked & shelled a regular bucket size of broad beans. Just under 3/4 kilo of shelled beans in the freezer by 11.30. Seemed to take forever to shell them all but at the same time relaxing, Pat kept me company.

With all the sunshine and being able to keep an eye on them, the girls & Radar were let out of their run. While the chooks dug and had dust baths, the ducks quacked and checked out underneath the chook house.

All weeds from the vegie patch were thrown over the "people fence" for them to turn over.

We had a visitor this morning as well. Maggie's baby was on our roof having a feed. Not the best photo, but the only one I got of him/her. They make the cutest sound when begging for food and even funnier when feeding.

The area I worked on was part of the no-dig garden,weeds were easy to remove in this area. Mostly weeds that seemed to run over the soil top and didn't take long to remove. I then dragged the 3 prong claw over it all.

After we had some friend call in for a couple of hours, it was back into the garden. I planted out beans in the area after the 2 trellises were set up.

Between the cement and the first trellis are Hawkesbury Wonder a green bush bean. First trellis is blue lake beans. In between the 2 trellises I found 3 self sown triple curl parsley plants. Left them there as I will use that area to walk between, when harvesting the beans.

The right trellis has some frost free climbing beans and on the right, butter beans.... Pat's favourite.

After this was all done it was time to harvest any crops that needed doing. Once this was completed I fed the plants a mixture of worm wee and pigeon manure liquid (from our good gardening buddy Pepe).

A big basket with baby spinach, a mixed variety of loose leaf lettuces, asparagus and the last of the duck & hen eggs laid for the day.

Tomorrow I hope to get seeds sown and the carrot, radish & beet root area weeded. Getting up to an alarm to help get this done as I am back to the doctor about my ankle early afternoon. New doc and new ideas on what could be wrong. Ultra sound scan didn't show a lot, so back for maybe a x-ray, going on what the doctor who looked at my scan said. I'll keep you posted on this, not giving up my garden again.

I took a heap of photos of what is happening in the some in the next day or so for you to see how it's growing and feeding us.

Until next time....

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Quiltin' Sandy said...

Wow, Lucky, you got quite a bit done! I love homegrown vegies, especially beans and button squash. DH grows Hawkesbury wonders and also a climbing bean, don't know the name of them, they are American, grow really long- they look like you have left them on the plant too long- but they cut up so easily and rarely any tough strings. :0)

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Sandy:) Beans are one of my most fav vegies. Even as a kid I loved them more than peas.

I need orange said...

I love your pic of your harvest. All that beautiful green color, set off by the shapes and colors of the eggs..........

Nice to look at, and even nicer to eat, I am sure. :-)

Lucky-1 said...


This is why I love visiting your blog..... the photos of colour you post are amazing.