Monday, October 19, 2009

Snaps Of This & That

Some photos of food growing happy in my little vegie patch and a special something at the end.

Sweet Bite tomato variety, little fruits just starting to form. These are great to eat while surfing the net, waltching TV or to stay off those hunger pains.

Some loose leaf lettuces before I harvested the outer leaves.

Broad beans, I think about 1 more attack of harvesting these and then I'll cut them down at ground level.

Asparagus still being picked, but at the same time I am letting some of the spears grow. Soon I'll stop harvesting all together.

Now for something special.

One of 27 happy snaps of my right ankle. Nothing showed up and so I am to take note of what annoys it and work to increase that "what ever" slowly to build up the strength in this area.

So if lots of walking pisses my ankle off........ pull back on the walking and slowly build it up. I can see this being a real pain in the bum as I am always on the go.

Sowed a pile of seeds this morning, weeded the carrot, beetroot area. Yes I did get up to an alarm. Off now to make sausage rolls for tomorrow's quilting day.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Scarecrow said...

Hi Lucky
The garden is looking great! Wasn't the rain good this year...but summer is on it's way already!
Take care of that ankle!

Savvy Mummy said...

Hi Lucky, have u heard about silky chickens? I heard they do not fly and just feed on scraps to produce eggs (seems cool for my garden). Do your chooks and ducks need to see the vet on a yearly basis? I sort of see them as pets and have no idea how it is like keeping them for eggs. How long can they lay eggs for? Do you know how long their lifespan is? Would appreciate any info if you know. Thanks!