Wednesday, November 04, 2009

She's Apples Mate

One of the sets of apples on our Fuji/golden delicious apple tree. This is the first year we have apples set and so it's a new learning curb for us.

Both Pat & I are so excited about the thought of home grown apples. Pat's such an apple freak and we are forever buying them to eat.

Cooler weather today, had some shocking weather of late. One day was 38 degrees, far too hot for us.

Until next time....hoo roo

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bon008 said...

How exciting!

I would love to grow Fujis, as they are the only kind of apple Mr Bon likes. At the moment I can't eat any apples at all, but I may one day grow out of that sensitivity - here's hoping!

Scarecrow said...

Hi Lucky
Congrats on the first apples...but be warned, you may never eat bought apples again once you've tasted your own home grown variety ;)
We are still enjoying our home dried apples from last years crop and watching the new ones develop too!

Much cooler up here today too but I fear we may be in for a long hot summer this year. Argh!!!