Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Send Food/Water...No A GPS!!!!!

Have I been missed by anyone in Blogland???? I know that I haven't been posting as much.

Maybe that is because when I go harvesting, I am gone for so long.............think I need a GPS.

Check out the photos. OMG!!!!

That white/sand thingo is the bird bath and I don't think even the birds have been able to see it, let alone use it.

Number 11 is in there somewhere and I know he's alive, as we had a lovely feed of Rhubarb Saturday night.

Zucchini plants are still feeding us, though they are hard to get to as I can't just walk to them.

Tomatoes were miss labeled, we I have no idea what variety they are, but I do know no Black Russian tomatoes on our toast for breakfast.

A hedge of asparagus and corn so high, I am thinking of turning it into a baseball field and see if Kevin wants to film a sequel to his hit movie "Field Of Dreams".

Beans are feeding us and its only early in the season. Getting a nice little variety of them frozen for off season.

I was talking to my dad about how well the garden is growing. He like me, thinks its all the good winter rains while the plants were growing. Fruit trees in my garden and his are full of fruit.

I can also now harvest my own capsicums, that is great as I use a lot in my salads and cooking. They have been so darn dear at the shops, $9.99 a kilo. So I was hunting them down anywhere I could find them cheaper. But no more for this season.....yay.

Eggplants are almost ready to start to be picked as well.

Beetroot is yummy steamed and carrots are sweet as.

Garden is looking so FAB TAB and I am just so happy harvesting and enjoying this time of the year.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


If you didn't see or hear of the rain that fell in South Australia yesterday, you may have been elsewhere on our planet.

So here is some photos after the 2 inches of rain that fell at my place. Some of the water was still laying on top of the lawn even this morning.

This one shows the water sitting on top of the mulch in the vegie patch.

Ducks were pretty happy with the water that was laying around in there run.

Bobby needed to pee, as if there wasn't enough water on the

No real damage to our place or area, just lots of water.

Until next time.......hoo roo from soggy old Luckyland.

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Baby Chickens

Klinger is now the proud mum of 3 little chickens. She's showing every sign of being a good little mother.

Two eggs came to nothing and 1 chicken didn't survive long after hatching.

Its been a couple of years since we've had chickens and I am just so pleased to hear the little cheep noises coming from then old rabbit hutch.

It's rain here at the moment and lots of thunder thrown in. Good for the garden.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playground For Bobby

Yep the little grandpuppy is coming over to play while the kids are at work until they move house next month.

Poor little guy had an emergency trip to the vet with a grass seed way down in his ear. So like any protective Nanna, I am going to baby sit him while they are at work.

So Bobby can help me spread more pea straw around the vegies and generally hunt for those FAB dinosaur bones he loves so much.

He's got some great jungle areas to sneak around in. He loved the corn area yesterday when the 3 of them called in after the vet trip.

No having mummy & daddy calling him out for the next 2 Nope..... gonna be so much fun just the 2 of us, bonding and enjoying nature at her best.

These photos were taken this morning.

Until next time......hoo roo

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

TLC My Style

Tender Lucky Care my style is how I was in the garden today.

First off, I gave my girls a full bale of "what ever" for them to spread around their play area for deep litter. Wish I could remember what our good gardening buddy "Pepe" calls it. He dropped if off the day I was at the Craft & Quilting expo. So I missed saying G'day to him.

Still need to clean out their shed, but that'll have to wait for another day.

While they were having a ball, I started weeding the areas I allocated for today's play in the garden. Figured if I do a 60 to 90 mins a day, I'll have the weeds out, mulching in and the garden singing and feeding us even more.

Bush beans and the Blue Lake climbing beans are steaming along. Enjoying the spring weather and growing like little mushrooms.

Once again from Pepe, peas straw was spread around the beans after a weed and water. Also made sure any stray climbing beans were woven through the trellis.

Forgot to collect the seeds from the spring onions. So this afternoon once the plants have dried off, I'll collect them.

Corn was next on my list for today, weeded and then mulched as well. Used a full bale this morning for the areas, 2 bales still to be used. Weeded around the Purple King beans and I hope I didn't miss judge the area where I have them growing. The asparagus is hugely tall this season and right next to the beans.

Comfrey is starting to flower.

Tomorrow's effort in the garden. Strawberries are looking pretty darn good, though getting invaded by self sown Blue Lake beans and a silverbeet plant. Beans will go and the silverbeet will stay. Penny Royal will be cut back as well.

Last year we were invaded a poxy weed and its back this year, so they'll need to be removed and then mulching this are.

Psst..... home grown strawberries are yummo. That's a little secret between you and me ....okay? wink

The jungle area of the garden....look at the asparagus!!!! Think that parsley plant will go too, all my little self sown seedlings are now going to seed. So I want to remove the plant and put that are to better use.

Well that is about it from me today.

Garden is feeding us and running at about 95%, heaps better than last summer.

Last weekend while in Clare at my darling niece's wedding, I ran into Sophie Thomson from Gardening Australia. She's a lovely lady and we had a little chat, while having some lunch in a park. Last time I was chatting to her was about 3 years ago at the Gardening Australia expo.

Anyway time for a shower and then into my sewing room..... Christmas is just around the bend!!!

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Magpies

Over these past weeks Pat & I have been visited by a family of magpies. They are often at the backdoor asking for some raw meat or if we're turning soil.....worms.

Mrs. Maggie has become so used to us she will walk around our feet and the other day Mr. Maggie was tapping Pat's toe nail looking for something to eat.

We don't feed them every time they ask, as with Junior now, they have to teach him how to fend for himself.

Last year we didn't get to see their offspring, but this year we have been given the honour of having the whole family visit us.

Mrs. Maggie and Junior

So far Junior has only come to the back fence and watching him learn to fly and land has been a joy. Other than the odd crash landing we have seen, he's doing very well.

The clothes line and other items in the backyard has made it a bit hard for him to negotiate his way in for a safe landing. So usually he doesn't follow mum or dad in, but sits on the back fence or in the gum tree.

Mum top, Dad bottom and Junior in the middle.

Until this morning. When I took a bit of raw meat out for them Junior followed mum in and he was standing right in front of me with his beak open and wings flapping. Waiting for a feed, it was the most amazing feeling and I was so happy to have been able to get so close to him.

He then ran over into the vegie garden and mum continued to feed him the last of the scraps.

Mrs. Maggie is scruffy at the moment, with all the shopping and food gathering for Junior. I think she needs a trip to a beauty shop and some TLC given to her. Mr. Maggie is as sleek as ever.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Latest Garden Update.

Over so many days Pat has been cleaning up an area under the shade cloth for us to sit outside now the warmer weather is here. Pat decided to add some more second hand pavers so we had more room around the table.

Bobby was over yesterday for the whole day and so he got to spend lots of time around the side of the house with Poppy while Nanna pottered around the gardened keeping an eye on them both.

Doesn't it look fab?? We sat out there this morning after our good gardening buddy "Pepe" left. Not as windy around this side of the house, which is great for Pat as he doesn't cope well on those windy days. Maybe now he can be outside just that little bit longer, before it gets tooo windy.

Seven extra rows of pavers were added and its amazing how much more the area has given us. Pat wants to go further with the pavers, but he needs a couple of quiet days now to recover.

This is what we see when walking out our back door. This morning Pepe dropped off 6 bales of pea straw for me and already 3 are working in the garden. Pepe also bought out a pile of strawberry runners from his garden.

For the strawberry plants I sent Pepe home with a lovely comfrey plant and a pile of penny royal (think that is what its

While Pepe planted them out for me, as he knows more about strawberries than me. Figured they will have more of a chance in surviving if they are given a good start.

We also sat out the back and had a cuppa and some fresh scones I baked this morning.

Pepe said I should know what ones will survive in the next fortnight and then I can mulch the plants.

Strawberries along with white nectarine fruits are my most fav fruits. I hope I do the plants justice and get a good feed from them.

In this area are 4 zucchini seedlings, 2 Queensland Blue pumpkin and some salvia and marigolds around the pavers. This is called "Sam's Place as Amy's dog was buried here 8 weeks ago. The kids are renting and we didn't want to leave Sam behind when they moved to a house once its bought.

So it seemed the most natural place was in our backyard. Flowers will pretty the area up and the pavers are to mark Sam's grave and his first summer there will be pumpkins and zucchinis rambling close to him.

What the area looks like after it was mulched. I had to make sure the mulch didn't swallow up the seedlings.

Garden is pumping with lots of yummy goodies and it feels good to have it running at 90% as I want to plant some other foods still.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Nanna Says......

My Nanna says I am too cute for my boots! Guess that is why I don't have any.

We had lots of fun out the back today. Much more exciting that bean planting yesterday.

Today we planted out some corn seeds, that was such fun as Nanna was raking the soil and I got to chase the rake. My Nanna says its okay to play like this, as she was going very slow and careful.

After the corn was planted I was allowed to run under the water spray from the hose. Nanna then spiked up my fur for a photo shoot. Now you know why I have no boots....biggrin

After the photo shoot it was back to playing. My Nanna says gardening isn't work it's playing, as she enjoys it so much.

I helped Poppy turn this soil over. I got lost a couple of times in the big parsley hedge. It was so much fun digging holes and helping Poppy. Nanna is going to grow eggplants, capsicum and silverbeet in this area.

After we turned the soil, it was time to collect more of that earthy smelling compost that makes Nanna happy.

My Nanna says the ducks are really cute dabbing for worms and grubs in the compost. They were so excited when the wheel barrow was filling with the compost.

Eggplant, capsicum and silverbeet all planted out. Nanna is getting so excited about the harvest she is hoping to get from her vegie patch this year. My Nanna says I have been a big help in getting the vegie patch organized before the long weekend. She likes to have most of it planted out by the end of the long weekend.

Poppy weeded the dwarf Red Delicious apple tree and then a thin layer if compost was mixed into the top bit of soil. Nanna planted out Poppy's portulaca seedlings, as Poppy has a black thumb.

My Nanna says........Poppy keep the weeds out of the area and those portulaca's will be flowering and spreading over the area in no time at all.

We called it quits once we had all the list done for today. Nanna sat with me outside after I woke from a big sleep and gave me my lunch. Then we had a little play and a cuddle. Nanna was feeling tired after all the gardening from the last 4 days and we had a nap together on the lounge.

Dad turned up and told Nanna I wasn't coming over tomorrow. That was news to us both! eek I don't think Nanna took the news too well. She was telling me that tomorrow we had zucchinis and pumpkins to plant out as well as some flowers. Now she has to do that by herself. Nanna was very brave when she collected all my toys and left over snacks.

My Nanna says I can come back anytime I want.

My Nanna loves me very much.

Special thanks to Ben & Amy for letting me enjoy Bobby over the last 4 days. Not being able to have a dog due to Pat's allergies to them, it was a special time for me. Best part was I didn't have to share Bobby until his parents came to collect him.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beans Are Boring!!

Beans are boring and I think they are about as over rated as those dinosaur bone I found yesterday.

What is so exciting about a kidney shaped seed and a hole in the soil made by Nanna's finger???

So I decided to sleep on this question, while Nanna finished off the boring beans.

Seeing as Bobby slept the morning away, I'll have to take over for today's play out in the garden.

The only time Bobby really showed any interest was when he was inside chasing our cats. Most of them scattered and hid, but not Harley.

Harley stood his carpet and gave Bobby a low growl to say back off pup. Thing is that made Bobby want to play more and next thing they were off through the house.

Not long after that Bobby's dad turned up and took him home for the rest of the day.

Now what did we get up to out the back today??

Well Pat finished off his area of turning the chook litter into the soil. That had been sitting for a few weeks on top and had lots of rain wash the goodness into the soil

While Pat was doing that, I finished off those not so boring beans.

Blue lake beans will grow on the trellis. These beans I saved myself and I must say, I'm a bit nervous as I am not sure how they will go germinating and growing. My carrots and spring onion are fine and I have been saving them for years now. Time will tell I guess.

In front of the trellis has butter beans and hawkesbury bush beans sown.

There wasn't enough room for the other bean trellis, so the Purple King beans are sown in the main vegie patch.

The leafy area is looking great and I have already started to harvest the rainbow chard and baby spinach. Radishes are now up too.

Also this morning I sowed some carrots and beetroot seeds between the tomatoes and leafy greens.

Pepino plant is thriving against the "people fence" and look at this little truss of fruit on the vine. This fruit tastes a lot like a rock melon. We are already eating them while more are fruiting.

Once Ben had picked up Bobby (at about 2.15) we headed up to Garden Grove for some seedlings for tomorrow's planting.

Chives, eggplant, silverbeet & capsicum for the vegie garden. Corn seeds grow better than seedlings. I bought "Snow Gold" & "Terrific" for this coming season. Been a few years since we grew corn and so we're really looking forward to the coming season.

Marigold and saliva (blue & white) for the vegi patch to help attract bees.

Pat wanted more portulaca seedlings for under his apple tree.

Always wanted a weeding fork and we needed more seasol for the seedlings.

Well that has to be about it for today. Bobby I hope will show more interest tomorrow in the But then again, with all the seedlings going in, maybe sleeping in the sun is a better job for him. mrgreen

Until next time...hoo roo

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