Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food V Sleep

I often think our cats live the life of Riley. All they do is eat, sleep and crap. Oh they are good for cuddling, more so in the winter months. Oh and they are good company.

They tend to like sleeping against our legs and feet at night. At times I'll hear a clunk as a cat falls off the bed if we move our legs against them. I used to feel guilty about this, but now I think after years of pampering to the fur kids, its my turn to be comfy at night.

This morning Millie did earn her board for the coming week. She caught what I believe to be the very first mouse in our house. She had the baby mouse cornered in the laundry tub.

She actually caught it, so both were thrown into the toilet room and the door firmly shut. After the squeaking and banging from the small room went quiet I had a peek in.

Big mistake. eek Little mouse was cowering behind the little bin in the little room with the big cat just staring at it. I moved the bin and the little mouse ran out between my big feet with Millie hot after it.

But not fast enough and the mouse made it safely under the washing machine. On and off all day Millie has visited the area, sat and just watched. Waiting for her battery free friend to come out and play again.

Now for someone who missed all of this morning's action was my white Russian cat Rebel. Check the lazy bugger out. Lucky he's cute and is just such a softy for a tomcat.

While Rebel slept away his day I was busy cleaning our house and also I harvested more zucchinis and also some red capsicums.

Another zucchini slice for the freezer and the capsicums will be used in tomorrow night's meal.

I'm so glad I am able to go about my day without disturbing the sleeping fur kids. On that note I'm just about to turf them off the bed and put freshly washed sheets back onto the bed.

Okay you furry, free loaders...up & atom.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Jude said...

A mouse in the house, dont feed your moggies until they cath it.... That will teach them to let it get away.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Ah yes, cat's do seem to have a good life. Our Cody doesn't seem to sleep against our legs and feet in summer, but winter is a different story, he sleeps in the middle of the bed, so he never falls off :)
You have some largish zucchini there, I picked 3 today, midgets compared to your ones.

dirtyduck said...

oh i loved this post:) so many times i laughed i cant tell you. i can just picture that mouse, sip right through the legs, oh i hope youfind it! and escort it to a new home pronto!!those zucinis are huge, do you just slice them and put them in a freezer bag? sometimes when i find them on sale i want to freeze some, but im not sure if it would workd,

hey ill ttyl!!
michelle and lilly the duck:)

Matron said...

What I just love about blogging is seeing harvests the other side of the world when there is nothing doing over here! It has cheered me up seeing your lovely zucchini! I must go and plant my seeds today!