Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain & Zucchinis

I might not have a lot growing in the vegie garden, but one plant that never lets me down is my zucchini plants.

For the people who don't follow my sewing blog, Pat was admitted to hospital almost a fortnight ago and spent 5 days in hospital.

Not much time for me at home, but heaps of time for the zucchini vegies to grow. I actually took some zucchinis in for the nurses, so they wouldn't be wasted. Organic vegies were snapped up with their thanks.

More still growing and this means more slices made for the freezer., more for a side vegie.

Over the weekend we had 19 mm of rain. It was just wonderful to hear the rain fall on our rumpus room as it tin roof.

This means the lawn will kick on and the weeds will grow.

Having my hands full at home at the moment, we cheated with mowing the lawns this time. We borrowed Amy & Ben's lawn mower.

Said to Pat I want one. lol Oh it was so much fun, hooning around the backyard. I became a real petrol head. So much quicker than our push one. But as I love the environment so much, we'll stick to the push one.

Interesting thing was the ducks and chooks have never heard a motor run mower in our yard.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I just picked 3 zucchini today, we haven't yet had a glut, and now that the weather has cooled a bit probably won't. Next year I'll plant 2 zucchini plants instead of one.

Chris said...

I hope Pat's trip to hospital, all ended with good news. :)

And if I had a yard that could be mowed with a spindal (push) mower, I'd be joining you. We pay at least $10 a pop for our 2-stroke mower fuel, so you're lucky if you can avoid it.

But yes, when your plate is full, borrow a fuel mower from a friend. It makes sense! :)

Hope Pat and you are well.