Thursday, May 06, 2010

About My Mojo

How's your Mojo going gardening wise??? Mine is somewhere back a few years before the drought, water restrictions and heat waves. Also with a bad leg/ankle that was told to keep it elevated and to cut back my gardening and walking by a doctor (I don't go to him anymore wink )

Well today is the day, I start to claim my gardening Mojo back.

Each day I am going to go out and Mojo around my vegie patch and each day I do this I'm going to post what I did here. So if your Mojo for the garden is lost..join me in finding our Mojos and getting back into the garden again.

I do have vegies growing out in my backyard, just not like I used to. I was well known for growing plants close together and getting a high yield of food from them.

Turned my compost every weekend..... it was good for my health and great exercise.

Now its just caring for my animals and running the "patch" at about 25%.....but not anymore!!!

Lets take a look at my little "mojo effort" for today.

Blue Lake beans harvested and now in my freezer. I love beans more than peas. I have a small harvest building up in the freezer. A lot of flowers blossomed but didn't set. I had bees in my garden, so I am wondering if it was the humid days we were having here in Adelaide.

This capsicum plant is a "Sweet Momma" and it's a left over from the 2008/2009 summer season. Beaut little size, as Pat's tummy can't cope with capsicums now. So just the right size for me in a hot meal or as a salad.

Check the pepino vine out. Look at that fruit...... HUGE!!

More in amongst the leaves..... going to be a great crop.

So there you have it...some of my vegies and fruits growing in my little vegie patch. Stay tuned for tomorrow's mojo update.

Until then....hoo roo

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I have to say that my gardening mojo has been a bit lacking lately. I need to get out there and clear a bit of space. My capsicum plant has one big one and some quite small ones on it so I'm just going to leave it there to overwinter. Broadbeans and snowpeas are up.

Lucky-1 said...

This is why I have decided to post about it..... as I know I'm not the only one feeling lost and over whelmed.

Debbie said...

My gardening mojo is at a stand still as we rent and the house is being sold. I don't know whether to keep it going and hope an investor buys it or not.... I am in limbo at the moment :0)

bon008 said...

Good luck with your mojo - I'm sure with such careful nurturing it will be back to full strength in no time!

I will try to be inspired by your efforts but at this time of year it is tricky, since it's almost dark already when I get home from work.

Chris said...

Go the mojo! We only live once, so live every day doing the things you truly love doing. :)

Scarecrow said...

Way to go Lucky!

Posting 'to do lists' works too...for a while at least ;)