Sunday, May 09, 2010

Lettuce & Silverbeet

Waking up yesterday to an alarm at 6 am and getting the newlyweds and Pa off to the airport (at 2 different times in the morning), then chasing some house work and putting furniture back where it goes. There wasn't much time left in the day for seeing if my gardening Mojo was still lerking inside me.

That's okay...... today was a better day with more time for me and my garden.

My day today started with a Mother's Day cooked breakfast outside cooked by Pat. Animals were then all fed and cleaned out if needed. Also I washed some floors and clean some of the rooms that needed a good going over. Yes even on Mother's Day some mums still do their regular things.

James rang to say he was bringing lunch around for us as a Mother's Day gift...... that was really nice, sitting out the back with our son, chilling and enjoying the beautiful autumn day.

Once James headed off I was able to see about planting out some of those seedlings the fellas went and picked out for me.

Having spring onions and basil still going strong in this area, I figured the loose leaf lettuce mix would go nicely here at the front and to the left the silverbeet.

After removing the weeds and give the soil a bit of forking over, a bag of sheep manure was in need. This will break down and feed the plants and soil over the coming season.

Not big on the heart variety of lettuces. Though I do now and then plant out a punnet in the cooler months towards spring. No good in the summer as they tend to boil in the heatwaves. Also Pat & I are prefer this variety with rocket and endive thrown in to make a great green tossed salad.

Lots of little silverbeet seedlings. More than what I was thinking I would get in the punnet. This leafy green is grown more so for the animals than for us to eat.

Tomorrow I want to plant out the broccoli, cauli in 1 area and the cabbage in another. These will have bird netting over them, to keep the cabbage moths off the leaves and prevent them leaving eggs on the plants.

Feels good to be sitting here telling you about my day, smelling like I have had a good play out in my garden. Also to think another part of my garden isn't sitting there, but being put to good use.

Until next time....hoo roo

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bon008 said...

Well done Lucky, at this rate your garden will be back to full speed (or better!) in no time :)

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I did a little bit in the garden today as well. Tomorrow, I'm going to sow some seeds, and do a bit more weeding. Little steps will do it.

Debbie said...

I planted out heaps of sedlings on Saturday here and I feel so much better to have the garden full again ;0)

dirtyduck said...

your sunshine pictures are lovely over there!!