Friday, May 07, 2010

Talking Dirty.

This morning I was all set to go to Bunnings with Pat & Pa, when Amy rang and asked if I wanted to go to a shopping centre with her. As the kids are off on their honeymoon tomorrow morning and I won't see her for Mother's Day (first time ever sad ), the choice was easy to make and off with Amy I went.

The two lads were sent to Bunnings with a list of gear to buy. After lunch out the back I decided instead of planting the seedlings today, I need to sort out the compost bay first. Figured the compost needed attention before I started sorting out areas for the seedlings and seeds.

Love my open bays, I got the 3 pallets from one of Amy's friends in a trade, for helping to start them off with worms for their first farm. I've had this system running now for about roughly 3 years, I think.

Compost has dropped heaps over the months, but with my mojo off at some holiday resort its been neglected.

About half way through, I thought I was gonna fall over..... I am so unfit. Once I would turn all compost every weekend. Never missed a beat turning and enjoying the composting results. Gee whiz.............. I thought my back was going to go on strike.

Didn't help not cutting up last season's broad bean stalks. That will teach me to be lazy and throw them on the compost in a heap.

Stopped for a glass of diet coke and a garden chat with Pa. He's the one that showed me how rewarding growing one's own vegies could be. Was always raiding his vegie patch when we both lived in Whyalla. Love sitting out the back and talking gardening talk with him.

One empty and clean area , towards the end I was using the shovel as all the broad bean stalks were now transferred over to the other bay.

Still not the best compost, the moist compost has been mixed with the dry mix. Thinking once we have some more rain, I'll throw it all back into the empty bay. That should mix the compost nicely and by then I'll have cleaned out the chook shed. Nothing like chicken bedding laced with manure to help heat up a compost heap.

So that is my mojo exercise for today. Feel good for it and thrilled I didn't listen to my soft sookie body as it screamed...... stop!!!!!!

Have to show you this, my lemon tree.

Baby lemons on my lemonade tree. Been hanging out for the tree to flower this year and now its starting. Found more flowers forming and getting ready to flower too. So excited about the find.

Now lets see what the lads bought at Bunnings. They enjoyed the trip and as Pa doesn't have his garden like he used to (only a few pots now in his unit) I was pleased to hear they had fun.

This wasn't only the

But I don't care!! Nothing makes me happier around Mother's day like pots of beautiful chrysanthemums. This pot is from all the feathery ones, cats and rabbits for Mother's day. How sweet is that??

Seedlings for the first planting.... caulies, broccoli, cabbage, silverbeet and mixed lettuce. These will be planted out tomorrow afternoon once Amy & Ben are on their plane and Pa is on his too.

Pat will take the kids in the morning about 7 am and I'll stay home with Pa. Then we take Pa in for his flight mid morning.

I wanted some rocket seeds, love these in a lettuce mix. Purple carrots were not on my

So this was my first day taking back my mojo back in a big way. Gee I feel so good for it.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

I'm enjoying you 'mojo madness' too.

Lucky-1 said...

Great thanks Lucy:) Hoping to help others find theirs if its on holidays too.:D

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Sounds like you are going to have some fun in the garden for a while Lucky! Those Bl##dy backs, aren't they party poopers? lol.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Tomorrow, I will be getting out into the garden and tidying up a bit and planting my garlic (bit late, but better late than never). The old body doesn't seem to tolerate more than a couple of hours gardening now, I'm hoping to get the garden to the state where a half hour a day will be enough. How is your rhubarb going??