Monday, June 28, 2010

Today's Mojo Effort.

This mornings visit to my vegie patch was very productive. While I waited for the morning to warm up some outside, I did my housework.

My reward for getting all off my list was some fantastic gardening time.

The chrysanthemum plant flowers had died back and after separating the plants and having 4 different colors I planted them out.

Area I chose was next to the cement in the vegie patch. I'm hoping the flowers will attract bees to my back garden area.

I never knew there was a basil plant that doesn't die off. How cool is this????? These 2 cuttings have good strong roots and today I planted them out in my vegie garden. One over near where the chrysanthemums were planted and the other over near our nectarine tree.

I did have 4 cuttings, one I gave to my sister Deb and the other one to my friend Jude. She'll get that cutting tomorrow at sewing morning.

I also this morning weeded around the spring onions and harvested a small amount of rhubarb. I finally found time to plant out the cabbages, these went where the silverbeet was. Something chewed them up over a few days, so the space was looking for something to grow.

I am so happy with today's effort out in the garden. Now its time to look at what we are having for lunch.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Asparagus & Stuff

I always get excited this time of the year, guessing it may have something to do with the thoughts of fresh asparagus from my garden will be here again soon.

I've been waiting till the spears had died back and with the weather being spot on today for gardening, how could I not get into cleaning up the area.

I think its now been 10 years since we had the order delivered to our front door. I am such a freak for the home grown asparagus, Pat tends to like them in small quantities.

Only thing with asparagus is the little fibers that tend to fall off them when cutting them back. This is a job Pat can not do at anytime for me, sets his asthma off straight way. Took a while and my back was feeling it from bending over.

All cut back and straw raked away to see what was happening just above the ground. Any weeds were removed as well.

Then on top went the annual bag of sheep manure and then a top dressing of some soil went, from the last clean up in the chook run. Now I just have to wait until the spears come.

Tomorrow I am going to dry some parsley and see if there are any new seedlings coming up.

Love parsley and use it heaps. Rabbits also love their fair share, but these 3 bushes are even too much for all of us.

No 11, is looking so fab and I have some apples to go with a few stalks for dessert sometime this week. Then a light feed of worm wee and all should be good.

Pat is turning in our green manure of stinging nettles. Ducks are making great supervisors and enjoying any treats thrown to them. Pat's just taking his time and unlike the old days, he doesn't have an area set out to do, he'll quilt when he's tired. Always another day for gardening.

Pat did this the other week for me. No weeds have come through, so I am thinking it should be good for seeds to be sown. Carrots, radishes and such I am thinking.

Freshly pulled carrots for both kitchen and rabbits.

I love this time of the year in the garden as I can work without loosing a few litres of sweat. Well off to make a cuppa for Pat and see how he's going.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Buddy's New House.

Now that Buddy is fully grown and heavier he keeps bending the cardboard boxes he was using for a house to hide in.

Pat found my old wooden bread box out in the shed and asked about using it for Buddy. A perfect fit for the little boy. Buddy can now also sit on top of his warren and sun bake.

Buddy is such a lovely little bunny. He has such a loving nature and loves to see what his mum has each morning and evening in the kitchen lunch box.

I think he has such a cute face and his light brown marking are so sweet on him.

Buddy is so spoilt as well as Cadbury and I love them so much........ and going from the way they carry on.... I think they love me too. Well I like to think this.

Until next time hoo roo

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Monday, June 21, 2010

New Chook Run

After almost 11 years as a chook house, the old cubby house is now not safe for humans or chooks and has been retired.

Once the colder, wet weather is gone, we'll have a working bee and pull down and remove it.

Last week Pat pulled down the fence and closed off the chook house.

This leaves so much room for Radar and his girls to run around in now. I love watching them in the larger area and I now feel they are more like free range. No more watching them when let out of their old run, as a couple tended to jump over the people fence and into the vegie garden.

Sorry about the sun shining into the lens. No way the girls or Radar can get into the cubby house.

You can see where the old run used to be and now how much more they have.

We left the tree trunk there, as Radar likes to let the world know what is on his mind, first thing in the morning. Also the girls have Freedom Road up towards the duck/chook shed as well. So lots of space for them to run and free range and be happier chooks.

We still keep the ducks separate from them as the chooks tend to boss the ducks to much. I at times think the ducks were missing out on the food.

When I let them all out in the morning, the ducks are just so good. They run ahead of the chooks into their area and the chooks stay on their side of the fence.

Hoping to replace the hens I lost to the fox next month. At the moment I am getting between 1 to 3 eggs a day, but mostly just the one egg.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Baby Bunnies Maybe

Sitting outside this morning in the sunshine Pat & I trimmed both Cadbury and Buddy's toenails. Not running around and digging in soil like wild rabbits, their nails are a part of their upkeep.

I said to Pat about having some baby bunnies as Buddy is now 6 months old and should be old enough to "do his thing".

So after all the beauty treatments were finished we popped Cadbury in Buddy's hutch.

Well I forgot how funny it can be when a new buck is with a doe for the first time. So I took some photos before we left them alone for a couple of hours.

I think Buddy needs a manual with lots of photos in it.

He was so excited about having Cadbury over for a visit.

Cadbury wasn't as happy about the whole idea and she was thumping her feet and then she's position herself like she was happy.

Maybe its part of the mating ritual ???

Getting the actions in place.

I think we'll leave it at that and hopefully in around 30 days there will be some little rabbit kittens.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Today's harvest, maybe the last of the Blue Lake beans, 7 small capsicums and 1 egg.

I haven't been posting as I have had a shocking head cold I can't seem to loose or give away.

Today while the sun was shining I did prune the nectarine tree of any cross over branches and a small tip pruning. Sure was nice having the sun warm me as I pruned. So its coming in overcast again.

Back just over a week ago I lost 3 hens to a fox. In the morning hours Pat heard a noise while he was making a hot drink and went to investigate. Just in time to see the fox go over the back fence.

I lost 2 from the blue rinse set and one on the blonde bombshell. Made for a very sad day. I think from the sudden egg drop, those 3 hens were laying on a regular basis.

Once this cold is gone for good.... I have some great plans for the garden.

Until next time.... hoo roo

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