Friday, June 04, 2010

Baby Bunnies Maybe

Sitting outside this morning in the sunshine Pat & I trimmed both Cadbury and Buddy's toenails. Not running around and digging in soil like wild rabbits, their nails are a part of their upkeep.

I said to Pat about having some baby bunnies as Buddy is now 6 months old and should be old enough to "do his thing".

So after all the beauty treatments were finished we popped Cadbury in Buddy's hutch.

Well I forgot how funny it can be when a new buck is with a doe for the first time. So I took some photos before we left them alone for a couple of hours.

I think Buddy needs a manual with lots of photos in it.

He was so excited about having Cadbury over for a visit.

Cadbury wasn't as happy about the whole idea and she was thumping her feet and then she's position herself like she was happy.

Maybe its part of the mating ritual ???

Getting the actions in place.

I think we'll leave it at that and hopefully in around 30 days there will be some little rabbit kittens.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Very funny pictures, at least he got is right in the end.

Jilly said...

They are cuddling because it cold!:o)

dirtyduck said...

"beauty treatments" lol i thought it read "bunny treatments" at first glance:)

very funny pictures...


Jude said...

Are you going to be a granny soon, cant wait for that even if they are going to be furry.

angela said...

I had a great giggle, you should lable your post PG lol