Friday, June 25, 2010

Buddy's New House.

Now that Buddy is fully grown and heavier he keeps bending the cardboard boxes he was using for a house to hide in.

Pat found my old wooden bread box out in the shed and asked about using it for Buddy. A perfect fit for the little boy. Buddy can now also sit on top of his warren and sun bake.

Buddy is such a lovely little bunny. He has such a loving nature and loves to see what his mum has each morning and evening in the kitchen lunch box.

I think he has such a cute face and his light brown marking are so sweet on him.

Buddy is so spoilt as well as Cadbury and I love them so much........ and going from the way they carry on.... I think they love me too. Well I like to think this.

Until next time hoo roo

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