Monday, June 21, 2010

New Chook Run

After almost 11 years as a chook house, the old cubby house is now not safe for humans or chooks and has been retired.

Once the colder, wet weather is gone, we'll have a working bee and pull down and remove it.

Last week Pat pulled down the fence and closed off the chook house.

This leaves so much room for Radar and his girls to run around in now. I love watching them in the larger area and I now feel they are more like free range. No more watching them when let out of their old run, as a couple tended to jump over the people fence and into the vegie garden.

Sorry about the sun shining into the lens. No way the girls or Radar can get into the cubby house.

You can see where the old run used to be and now how much more they have.

We left the tree trunk there, as Radar likes to let the world know what is on his mind, first thing in the morning. Also the girls have Freedom Road up towards the duck/chook shed as well. So lots of space for them to run and free range and be happier chooks.

We still keep the ducks separate from them as the chooks tend to boss the ducks to much. I at times think the ducks were missing out on the food.

When I let them all out in the morning, the ducks are just so good. They run ahead of the chooks into their area and the chooks stay on their side of the fence.

Hoping to replace the hens I lost to the fox next month. At the moment I am getting between 1 to 3 eggs a day, but mostly just the one egg.

Until next time....hoo roo

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