Monday, June 28, 2010

Today's Mojo Effort.

This mornings visit to my vegie patch was very productive. While I waited for the morning to warm up some outside, I did my housework.

My reward for getting all off my list was some fantastic gardening time.

The chrysanthemum plant flowers had died back and after separating the plants and having 4 different colors I planted them out.

Area I chose was next to the cement in the vegie patch. I'm hoping the flowers will attract bees to my back garden area.

I never knew there was a basil plant that doesn't die off. How cool is this????? These 2 cuttings have good strong roots and today I planted them out in my vegie garden. One over near where the chrysanthemums were planted and the other over near our nectarine tree.

I did have 4 cuttings, one I gave to my sister Deb and the other one to my friend Jude. She'll get that cutting tomorrow at sewing morning.

I also this morning weeded around the spring onions and harvested a small amount of rhubarb. I finally found time to plant out the cabbages, these went where the silverbeet was. Something chewed them up over a few days, so the space was looking for something to grow.

I am so happy with today's effort out in the garden. Now its time to look at what we are having for lunch.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

It was a nice day for getting out in the garden, but then it got really cold around 3.00 and now it's raining. Good on you for getting out there.