Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Today's harvest, maybe the last of the Blue Lake beans, 7 small capsicums and 1 egg.

I haven't been posting as I have had a shocking head cold I can't seem to loose or give away.

Today while the sun was shining I did prune the nectarine tree of any cross over branches and a small tip pruning. Sure was nice having the sun warm me as I pruned. So its coming in overcast again.

Back just over a week ago I lost 3 hens to a fox. In the morning hours Pat heard a noise while he was making a hot drink and went to investigate. Just in time to see the fox go over the back fence.

I lost 2 from the blue rinse set and one on the blonde bombshell. Made for a very sad day. I think from the sudden egg drop, those 3 hens were laying on a regular basis.

Once this cold is gone for good.... I have some great plans for the garden.

Until next time.... hoo roo

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