Sunday, July 25, 2010


This mornings walk around the garden found no bodies laying in or near the traps. It was a fun exercise, but now its time to be a mature and responsible gardener and look like I know what I am talking about.

I have beer, not just any sir!! This is good old (and I do mean old) home brew that my brother's wife gave me while he was at work this morning.

Really hoping these little brown beauties will give my little seedlings a feel of safety out the back. I know I am, as punnets aren't cheap when they are lasting only a few days.

One bottle was used to make 2 traps today and now to show you what was achieved this afternoon.

Two white seedling tags reminding me where I sowed my carrot seeds I save. Then some rainbow chard, always looks pretty in the garden. Then my yummy baby spinach, this I eat like lettuce in salads and sandwiches.

You can see the 2 beer traps.....gee I so hope they work. I don't want to resort to snail bait.

Bird netting to stop the birds eating what the slug miss.

While out today at my brother's place I collected my sister in-law's worm farm she didn't want anymore.

All set up next to my other 3 farms. I gave Sally a jar of my homemade apricot jam as a thank you for the farm.

I still have lettuce and brassica to plant out, this will be done tomorrow. My leg was saying...enough! I have learnt not to get upset if I don't get as much done as planed. A bit each day is better than none at all.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Jilly said...

That is such a good idea I will do the beer traps too and let you know how I go!!!
You have inspired me to give it all another go!!

阿袁袁袁袁華 said...

嗯~蠻不錯耶~~我喜歡 ∩ 3∩............................................................

:Dandilyon said...

I loved reading your blog and look forward to more! I just moved to Adelaide from America to live and appreciate any tips on gardening and all here. Keep up the good work...^.^

CC said...

hello Lucky1 !
Are you still worm farming ? I am interested in this myself. Where are you located ? I am in Alabama and am looking for the best "how to get started" guide. Can you help me ?