Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slug Report On Happy Hour.

Happy hour in my garden. It has been interesting to see what is attracting those slimy little leaf eating enemies of our tender juicy plants.

Lets take a look.

Coming in first was the good old Vegemite....yes all good Aussie slugs love to tuck into a healthy feed of chilled Vegemite soup. I wonder if it'll be enough to make them fall in and drown?

Less performing was the lettuce in water. All that did was attract a single lonely earwig. I mean here is this little guy, all on his own on a Saturday night with a yummy feed of slimy lettuce and he's got no one to share it with. Bit sad don't you think?

This will be removed tomorrow. No free feeds in my garden.

This slug needs to go to "AA", he's not sharing the sweet sherry with anyone. Makes for a slug with a shot liver. I think this too is a no goer and to save this slug from a hangover each day.....I'll remove it tomorrow as well.

My good bread yeast is a hit as well. Must be a yeast thingy that attracts the slugs.

If there is no bodies tomorrow in either the Vegemite or yeast mixtures... I'll have to bring in the big guns.

No not the Bundy rum or the Jack mixed with coke drinks. I'll have to buy a bottle of beer. Maybe it takes the beer to make them drunk enough to loose their footing (okay so slugs don't have feet) and fall in and then drown.

This will be a learning curb for me in the booze shop. We never buy beer at all. Can I buy a single echo?? I'm not buying a six pack or a way!! eek

I'm catching up with my brother tomorrow, he drinks beer at times. I wonder if he has one he doesn't want or maybe he can steer me right on what is the cheapest to buy and can I get a single bottle.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Until next time....hoo roo

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bon008 said...

I wonder if adding some metho to the vegemite brew would get 'em drunk? I've drowned snails in box water + rum and water + vodka - but I haven't used it as bait, I just put it in a bucket and drop them in myself.

Steve Bennett said...

I wonder if the alcohol content would make a difference? Because Light Beer is cheaper than say a Stout, but I wonder if one is more attractive than the other?

I need orange said...

Chuckling to think of you buying beer just for the slugs......

"I need it for .. the slugs! Yeah, that's right, for ... the slugs!"