Friday, July 23, 2010

Slugs & Snails.

Now you might be thinking the animals out the back are getting the silver service today. No such luck, just saves me spilling (do that often) or dropping (do that too) these dishes in the house.

This morning Pat & I did a trip to our local Bunnings for some lime (poultry runs) and more seedlings.

I bought more cabbages, rainbow chard and lettuce seedlings as the slugs had a feast on the last lot. Out of those 3 punnets last time, I have 2 lettuces left. When I have the time to watch the ducks, I let them out and they dabble and carry on in the garden. Really hoping they are feasting high on slugs while out. Wish I understood duck talk. confused Though going from their excited quacks, something good is happening.

This time I have a plan. Those little containers have yeast in water, Vegemite in water, lettuce soaked in hot water and some sherry in water.....never know what a slug or snail will like under the moonlight.

The dishes are planted around the garden and on Sunday when I plant out the seedlings, I hope to have removed a fair amount of the slugs. Also I'll know what to continue to use in these wet cold months.

I also bought some baby spinach this time round as I adore a baby spinach salad. In the lettuce punnet is about 4 mixed lettuce seedlings and 2 endive seedlings. Bonus!!!! Pat loves endive and instead of paying about $4 for a single plant, I saved money finding this lettuce/endive punnet.

To keep the birds from messing up the seedlings area I'll take the bird netting off the broccoli and caulies that are growing so strong. I'll pop a photo up then too, for you to see how well they are growing.

The green bowl was some breakfast for the bunnies. Cadbury is going to visit Buddy again over the weekend..... keep your fingers crossed.mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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dirtyduck said...

thats a cute little snack for bunny:)