Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Nanna Says......

My Nanna says I am too cute for my boots! Guess that is why I don't have any.

We had lots of fun out the back today. Much more exciting that bean planting yesterday.

Today we planted out some corn seeds, that was such fun as Nanna was raking the soil and I got to chase the rake. My Nanna says its okay to play like this, as she was going very slow and careful.

After the corn was planted I was allowed to run under the water spray from the hose. Nanna then spiked up my fur for a photo shoot. Now you know why I have no boots....biggrin

After the photo shoot it was back to playing. My Nanna says gardening isn't work it's playing, as she enjoys it so much.

I helped Poppy turn this soil over. I got lost a couple of times in the big parsley hedge. It was so much fun digging holes and helping Poppy. Nanna is going to grow eggplants, capsicum and silverbeet in this area.

After we turned the soil, it was time to collect more of that earthy smelling compost that makes Nanna happy.

My Nanna says the ducks are really cute dabbing for worms and grubs in the compost. They were so excited when the wheel barrow was filling with the compost.

Eggplant, capsicum and silverbeet all planted out. Nanna is getting so excited about the harvest she is hoping to get from her vegie patch this year. My Nanna says I have been a big help in getting the vegie patch organized before the long weekend. She likes to have most of it planted out by the end of the long weekend.

Poppy weeded the dwarf Red Delicious apple tree and then a thin layer if compost was mixed into the top bit of soil. Nanna planted out Poppy's portulaca seedlings, as Poppy has a black thumb.

My Nanna says........Poppy keep the weeds out of the area and those portulaca's will be flowering and spreading over the area in no time at all.

We called it quits once we had all the list done for today. Nanna sat with me outside after I woke from a big sleep and gave me my lunch. Then we had a little play and a cuddle. Nanna was feeling tired after all the gardening from the last 4 days and we had a nap together on the lounge.

Dad turned up and told Nanna I wasn't coming over tomorrow. That was news to us both! eek I don't think Nanna took the news too well. She was telling me that tomorrow we had zucchinis and pumpkins to plant out as well as some flowers. Now she has to do that by herself. Nanna was very brave when she collected all my toys and left over snacks.

My Nanna says I can come back anytime I want.

My Nanna loves me very much.

Special thanks to Ben & Amy for letting me enjoy Bobby over the last 4 days. Not being able to have a dog due to Pat's allergies to them, it was a special time for me. Best part was I didn't have to share Bobby until his parents came to collect him.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beans Are Boring!!

Beans are boring and I think they are about as over rated as those dinosaur bone I found yesterday.

What is so exciting about a kidney shaped seed and a hole in the soil made by Nanna's finger???

So I decided to sleep on this question, while Nanna finished off the boring beans.

Seeing as Bobby slept the morning away, I'll have to take over for today's play out in the garden.

The only time Bobby really showed any interest was when he was inside chasing our cats. Most of them scattered and hid, but not Harley.

Harley stood his carpet and gave Bobby a low growl to say back off pup. Thing is that made Bobby want to play more and next thing they were off through the house.

Not long after that Bobby's dad turned up and took him home for the rest of the day.

Now what did we get up to out the back today??

Well Pat finished off his area of turning the chook litter into the soil. That had been sitting for a few weeks on top and had lots of rain wash the goodness into the soil

While Pat was doing that, I finished off those not so boring beans.

Blue lake beans will grow on the trellis. These beans I saved myself and I must say, I'm a bit nervous as I am not sure how they will go germinating and growing. My carrots and spring onion are fine and I have been saving them for years now. Time will tell I guess.

In front of the trellis has butter beans and hawkesbury bush beans sown.

There wasn't enough room for the other bean trellis, so the Purple King beans are sown in the main vegie patch.

The leafy area is looking great and I have already started to harvest the rainbow chard and baby spinach. Radishes are now up too.

Also this morning I sowed some carrots and beetroot seeds between the tomatoes and leafy greens.

Pepino plant is thriving against the "people fence" and look at this little truss of fruit on the vine. This fruit tastes a lot like a rock melon. We are already eating them while more are fruiting.

Once Ben had picked up Bobby (at about 2.15) we headed up to Garden Grove for some seedlings for tomorrow's planting.

Chives, eggplant, silverbeet & capsicum for the vegie garden. Corn seeds grow better than seedlings. I bought "Snow Gold" & "Terrific" for this coming season. Been a few years since we grew corn and so we're really looking forward to the coming season.

Marigold and saliva (blue & white) for the vegi patch to help attract bees.

Pat wanted more portulaca seedlings for under his apple tree.

Always wanted a weeding fork and we needed more seasol for the seedlings.

Well that has to be about it for today. Bobby I hope will show more interest tomorrow in the But then again, with all the seedlings going in, maybe sleeping in the sun is a better job for him. mrgreen

Until next time...hoo roo

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bobby Works The Compost

Hi there its me...."Bobby" and I am back at Nanna & Poppy's place again today.

After some stomach crunches and warm up lap or two around the yard it was back into gardening with a passion.

Today Nanna said we were concentrating on weeds and compost. Sounds like a lot of fun and not long into it, I was finding some really cool things in the backyard.

Nanna put her ducks over in a different area for the morning. She wanted to have their gate open to take a wheel barrow back and forth to the compost heap.

Ha....who's on the wrong side of the fence???

Nanna didn't notice that I ran into two of these funny green things and broke them off. I just kept running and pretended it didn't happen. Pretty sure it worked and Nanna didn't see them break.


The compost tumbler was a bit scary and once it stopped going around and making a big noise, it spewed up this smelling black stuff. Nanna said it was good for the garden and helped to retain water. Don't know why it wants to retain water......makes my tummy hurt! eek

Poppy reminds me of "Wilson" off that TV show "Home Improvements" You never see his face. I was checking on his work and making sure the compost was mixed into the clay soil properly.

Poppy helps Nanna out in the garden when his health lets him. Poppy was so tired after he did all his soil/compost turning for Nanna. She kept checking on Poppy and asking if he was ready to quit for the day.

Nanna & I collected 1 tumbler and 4 wheel barrows full of compost from a compost bay for this area. Nanna said she was going to grow corn here. Said she likes to feed the soil before she plants out seeds or seedlings. My Nanna knows lots of cool things about growing vegies.

We even found a dinosaur bone. I was allowed to have a little nibble on it. Didn't thrill me as much as yesterday's chicken bone. I think dinosaur bones are overrated.

Hey mum...look.................. I got worms. Ha ha ha ha........ get it, got worms!!!! Oh I am so worms. Did you get it???? You don't look like you think its as funny as I do, mum.

This is the area where the beans are going to be planted out. Lots of weeds for us to pull out.

I got a bit confused and was pulling the weeds out of the bucket. Nanna fed the weeds to her chooks.

All the weeds are now gone and more compost went into the area and mixed in the soil. Those spring onions are going to seed and Nanna has been collecting seeds for years.

Climbing beans and bush beans are going to grow here. Oh I wonder if Nanna has checked to see if beans and spring onions grow nicely together? Gee should I tell her or just watch her face when she thinks of it herself?

Can you see the tomatoes in the background? Look at me near all that parsley. Between me and the turned soil is where the asparagus is growing Savvy Mummy. She bought about 10 crowns 10 years ago and gets heaps...oddles ...piles of spears off it. They were 2 years old when they came and after 2 years in the garden, started to harvest for a few weeks.

Area ready for corn and Nanna isn't sure if she'll grow pumpkins down the back.

Nanna's compost, it was brewing all winter and now she's using it. Nanna collects heaps of stuff for the compost area.

Long distance shot of the compost bay. Ducks were home by this time.

I helped Nanna and Poppy from about 9.15 in the morning to 2.15 in the afternoon. I flaked it on the lawn and Nanna carried me inside for a well earned cuddle. I was still asleep at 4.45 when mum picked me up after she knocked off work.

Nanna is talking about planting out the bean seeds tomorrow. Hope so, as I thought that was happening today.

Mummy is dropping me off tomorrow around 8.30 again and I can't wait. Mum told Nanna I slept really good last night.

I so hope your having as much fun as what Nanna and I are.

Until next time....woof, woof.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bobby & Me

Hello my name is Bobby and I am a King Charles Cavalier puppy. I'm 9 weeks old and I have spent today with my Nanna and Poppy. My Mummy & Daddy think I am too young to stay on my own in the laundry or out the back with Charlie (my bigger 1/2 sister) while they are at work.

I thought you might like to see what I got up too, while I spent the day with Nanna. Poppy is allergic to dogs (saliva and oils) so Nanna was so happy she didn't have to share.

Mum left me with Nanna & Poppy at about 8.30. Mum looked like she was gonna cry....... Nanna said this was good practice for the "real thing", not sure what that meant.

After introducing myself to their cats, gee they sure are funny things...... they turn real fluffy when I bark at them. I had a morning nap and Nanna was just so happy to rock me to sleep.

I don't remember getting put into this box. I had a good sleep and didn't feel Harley sticking knives into my back.

When I woke up, Nanna said it was time to go and play out the back.

I helped Nanna dig a hole for a self sown parsley plant. My job was to take the little lumps of clay out of the hole and chew what ever I thought was yummy.

I found a bone and Nanna took my photo, before she had a near heart attack and took my golden chew bone away from me. She said I can't have a cooked bone and even worse it was a chicken bone. Not that it mattered as it was real old, though it was fun to chew.

Anyway I have a toy duck to chew when I want to. It quacks when Mummy or Daddy squeeze its tummy and it makes me go nuts and bark. Mummy said Nanna would be pleased I have a duck squeaky toy.

I saw some real ducks this afternoon when Daddy was here to pick me up. They quacked real loud and I ran to my Dad.

After we finished in the garden and had our lunch together out the back, we had a rest.

This is me & Nanna watching TV. I found Days of our Lives boring and Judge Judy really silly. If you want to get back at some one......just wee on them I say.

I'm hoping I can visit Nanna & Poppy's tomorrow while Mummy & Daddy go to work. Nanna in planting beans out and she'll need someone to help dig the drills for them.

Until next time....woof woof.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mrs. September

This morning the sun was shining and while out the back I was enjoying the warmth on my back. When I came across our mother magpie................ with what I thought was a dead Mrs. Maggie.

My mouth dropped and I thought.....Oh Shit!!! Didn't know I could speak French did you????

All I could think of was her hubby and babies will be wondering where she is. As I rushed over to her...she jumped up and said "What!!" ...."I'm naked avert your eyes human!!!!"

With relief I told her not to scare me like that again... ever. I then went to collect the eggs as the chooks were singing out how clever they were in laying an egg.

As I head back inside....Mrs. Maggie was doing it again. So I grabbed my camera and snapped off these photos. She was happy to pose as Mrs. September.

This is how I found her, she does look like she's dead.

I am sure she's smiling and who said animals don't show expressions.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, she was happy for me to stand close to her and snap away.

Until next time...hoo roo

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's Harvest

This morning I had a very rewarding harvest from my vegie patch. Its days like these that make me so happy and glad I get to play in the vegie garden.

Nothing beats a good fresh home picked vegie. Also I love not buying them from the green grocer shop.

This broccoli is going to be so yummy to eat. Going to spoil us with a lemon sauce with tonight's meal. Pat won't eat shop broccoli, but I can put as much as I want on his plate, if its from our garden. Says something about taste and freshness.

One of the caulies that'll feed us for a good many meals.

These vegies were watered by the rain that fell over the months from May when I planted them out.

Wish I took a photo before I gave away half of this morning's harvest. Photo would have looked a lot better......chuckle.

Pat gets sick of the asparagus, but not me...... love it and its so sweet and much better than the bought ones down at the green grocer.

Well you can see we're eating fresh organic grown vegies and that has to be the most wonderful thing to happen to a stomach. Also great for one's health.

Until next time.... hoo roo

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