Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beans Are Boring!!

Beans are boring and I think they are about as over rated as those dinosaur bone I found yesterday.

What is so exciting about a kidney shaped seed and a hole in the soil made by Nanna's finger???

So I decided to sleep on this question, while Nanna finished off the boring beans.

Seeing as Bobby slept the morning away, I'll have to take over for today's play out in the garden.

The only time Bobby really showed any interest was when he was inside chasing our cats. Most of them scattered and hid, but not Harley.

Harley stood his carpet and gave Bobby a low growl to say back off pup. Thing is that made Bobby want to play more and next thing they were off through the house.

Not long after that Bobby's dad turned up and took him home for the rest of the day.

Now what did we get up to out the back today??

Well Pat finished off his area of turning the chook litter into the soil. That had been sitting for a few weeks on top and had lots of rain wash the goodness into the soil

While Pat was doing that, I finished off those not so boring beans.

Blue lake beans will grow on the trellis. These beans I saved myself and I must say, I'm a bit nervous as I am not sure how they will go germinating and growing. My carrots and spring onion are fine and I have been saving them for years now. Time will tell I guess.

In front of the trellis has butter beans and hawkesbury bush beans sown.

There wasn't enough room for the other bean trellis, so the Purple King beans are sown in the main vegie patch.

The leafy area is looking great and I have already started to harvest the rainbow chard and baby spinach. Radishes are now up too.

Also this morning I sowed some carrots and beetroot seeds between the tomatoes and leafy greens.

Pepino plant is thriving against the "people fence" and look at this little truss of fruit on the vine. This fruit tastes a lot like a rock melon. We are already eating them while more are fruiting.

Once Ben had picked up Bobby (at about 2.15) we headed up to Garden Grove for some seedlings for tomorrow's planting.

Chives, eggplant, silverbeet & capsicum for the vegie garden. Corn seeds grow better than seedlings. I bought "Snow Gold" & "Terrific" for this coming season. Been a few years since we grew corn and so we're really looking forward to the coming season.

Marigold and saliva (blue & white) for the vegi patch to help attract bees.

Pat wanted more portulaca seedlings for under his apple tree.

Always wanted a weeding fork and we needed more seasol for the seedlings.

Well that has to be about it for today. Bobby I hope will show more interest tomorrow in the But then again, with all the seedlings going in, maybe sleeping in the sun is a better job for him. mrgreen

Until next time...hoo roo

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