Monday, September 27, 2010

Bobby & Me

Hello my name is Bobby and I am a King Charles Cavalier puppy. I'm 9 weeks old and I have spent today with my Nanna and Poppy. My Mummy & Daddy think I am too young to stay on my own in the laundry or out the back with Charlie (my bigger 1/2 sister) while they are at work.

I thought you might like to see what I got up too, while I spent the day with Nanna. Poppy is allergic to dogs (saliva and oils) so Nanna was so happy she didn't have to share.

Mum left me with Nanna & Poppy at about 8.30. Mum looked like she was gonna cry....... Nanna said this was good practice for the "real thing", not sure what that meant.

After introducing myself to their cats, gee they sure are funny things...... they turn real fluffy when I bark at them. I had a morning nap and Nanna was just so happy to rock me to sleep.

I don't remember getting put into this box. I had a good sleep and didn't feel Harley sticking knives into my back.

When I woke up, Nanna said it was time to go and play out the back.

I helped Nanna dig a hole for a self sown parsley plant. My job was to take the little lumps of clay out of the hole and chew what ever I thought was yummy.

I found a bone and Nanna took my photo, before she had a near heart attack and took my golden chew bone away from me. She said I can't have a cooked bone and even worse it was a chicken bone. Not that it mattered as it was real old, though it was fun to chew.

Anyway I have a toy duck to chew when I want to. It quacks when Mummy or Daddy squeeze its tummy and it makes me go nuts and bark. Mummy said Nanna would be pleased I have a duck squeaky toy.

I saw some real ducks this afternoon when Daddy was here to pick me up. They quacked real loud and I ran to my Dad.

After we finished in the garden and had our lunch together out the back, we had a rest.

This is me & Nanna watching TV. I found Days of our Lives boring and Judge Judy really silly. If you want to get back at some one......just wee on them I say.

I'm hoping I can visit Nanna & Poppy's tomorrow while Mummy & Daddy go to work. Nanna in planting beans out and she'll need someone to help dig the drills for them.

Until next time....woof woof.


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I forsee lots of holes being dug, hopefully for things to be planted in though. ROFL about "just wee on them I say" did that happen??

Linda said...

I'm much more of a cat person than a dog person but if I was going to get a puppy, Bobby is just what I'd look for. And with such an innocent face I am sure he would never be naughty :)

barb's creations said...

Bobby is soooo cute.He looks like he had a lovely time at Nanna's and Poppy's house :) Barb.

Savvy Mummy said...

Oh what a baby!!! He's gorgeous!!!

Margarita said...

Oh Leanne He is soo cute and what a wonderful helper he is. Loved the story.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

That little guy is so sweet. Bet you can't wait until tomorrow to see him again!!! :-)