Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bobby Works The Compost

Hi there its me...."Bobby" and I am back at Nanna & Poppy's place again today.

After some stomach crunches and warm up lap or two around the yard it was back into gardening with a passion.

Today Nanna said we were concentrating on weeds and compost. Sounds like a lot of fun and not long into it, I was finding some really cool things in the backyard.

Nanna put her ducks over in a different area for the morning. She wanted to have their gate open to take a wheel barrow back and forth to the compost heap.

Ha....who's on the wrong side of the fence???

Nanna didn't notice that I ran into two of these funny green things and broke them off. I just kept running and pretended it didn't happen. Pretty sure it worked and Nanna didn't see them break.


The compost tumbler was a bit scary and once it stopped going around and making a big noise, it spewed up this smelling black stuff. Nanna said it was good for the garden and helped to retain water. Don't know why it wants to retain water......makes my tummy hurt! eek

Poppy reminds me of "Wilson" off that TV show "Home Improvements" You never see his face. I was checking on his work and making sure the compost was mixed into the clay soil properly.

Poppy helps Nanna out in the garden when his health lets him. Poppy was so tired after he did all his soil/compost turning for Nanna. She kept checking on Poppy and asking if he was ready to quit for the day.

Nanna & I collected 1 tumbler and 4 wheel barrows full of compost from a compost bay for this area. Nanna said she was going to grow corn here. Said she likes to feed the soil before she plants out seeds or seedlings. My Nanna knows lots of cool things about growing vegies.

We even found a dinosaur bone. I was allowed to have a little nibble on it. Didn't thrill me as much as yesterday's chicken bone. I think dinosaur bones are overrated.

Hey mum...look.................. I got worms. Ha ha ha ha........ get it, got worms!!!! Oh I am so funny...got worms. Did you get it???? You don't look like you think its as funny as I do, mum.

This is the area where the beans are going to be planted out. Lots of weeds for us to pull out.

I got a bit confused and was pulling the weeds out of the bucket. Nanna fed the weeds to her chooks.

All the weeds are now gone and more compost went into the area and mixed in the soil. Those spring onions are going to seed and Nanna has been collecting seeds for years.

Climbing beans and bush beans are going to grow here. Oh I wonder if Nanna has checked to see if beans and spring onions grow nicely together? Gee should I tell her or just watch her face when she thinks of it herself?

Can you see the tomatoes in the background? Look at me near all that parsley. Between me and the turned soil is where the asparagus is growing Savvy Mummy. She bought about 10 crowns 10 years ago and gets heaps...oddles ...piles of spears off it. They were 2 years old when they came and after 2 years in the garden, started to harvest for a few weeks.

Area ready for corn and Nanna isn't sure if she'll grow pumpkins down the back.

Nanna's compost, it was brewing all winter and now she's using it. Nanna collects heaps of stuff for the compost area.

Long distance shot of the compost bay. Ducks were home by this time.

I helped Nanna and Poppy from about 9.15 in the morning to 2.15 in the afternoon. I flaked it on the lawn and Nanna carried me inside for a well earned cuddle. I was still asleep at 4.45 when mum picked me up after she knocked off work.

Nanna is talking about planting out the bean seeds tomorrow. Hope so, as I thought that was happening today.

Mummy is dropping me off tomorrow around 8.30 again and I can't wait. Mum told Nanna I slept really good last night.

I so hope your having as much fun as what Nanna and I are.

Until next time....woof, woof.


Margarita said...

Bobby you sure are a very busy little fella helping your nanna. bet you sleep well tonight too.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Loved reading about Bobby's day at his nan and pop's. What a big day for a little dog, and I would have flaked after all that as well! Your garden is going great guns, Lucky. :-)