Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mrs. September

This morning the sun was shining and while out the back I was enjoying the warmth on my back. When I came across our mother magpie................ with what I thought was a dead Mrs. Maggie.

My mouth dropped and I thought.....Oh Shit!!! Didn't know I could speak French did you????

All I could think of was her hubby and babies will be wondering where she is. As I rushed over to her...she jumped up and said "What!!" ...."I'm naked avert your eyes human!!!!"

With relief I told her not to scare me like that again... ever. I then went to collect the eggs as the chooks were singing out how clever they were in laying an egg.

As I head back inside....Mrs. Maggie was doing it again. So I grabbed my camera and snapped off these photos. She was happy to pose as Mrs. September.

This is how I found her, she does look like she's dead.

I am sure she's smiling and who said animals don't show expressions.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, she was happy for me to stand close to her and snap away.

Until next time...hoo roo

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One step at a time in the Sub Tropics said...

Wonder why they do that. My Butcher birds do the same thing. If only they could talk.
Great photos lucky girl

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Oh Lucky, the little bugger giving you a fright like that. We were walking home from the club the other day when we saw a magpie swooping down on something. At first I thought it was after a grub, then DH said it is going for one of those b....Indian minah birds, but on closer inspection it was a baby dove. I brought it home, poor wee things heart was going 10 to the dozen and it's chest had been pecked. I knew I couldn't keep it here because of Honey but Josh next door took it, and apparently it has pulled through. I am happy to know it has had another chance. :-)
By the way, I don't know much French but "merde" is the word for...... hugs, sandy. Oh and it rhymes with another similar word!!!!! haha.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I reckon she was looking at some bug in there, but you're right it did look as if she was dead. I have seen other magpies lying flat on the ground before, not dead, beats me what they are doing though.