Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Nanna Says......

My Nanna says I am too cute for my boots! Guess that is why I don't have any.

We had lots of fun out the back today. Much more exciting that bean planting yesterday.

Today we planted out some corn seeds, that was such fun as Nanna was raking the soil and I got to chase the rake. My Nanna says its okay to play like this, as she was going very slow and careful.

After the corn was planted I was allowed to run under the water spray from the hose. Nanna then spiked up my fur for a photo shoot. Now you know why I have no boots....biggrin

After the photo shoot it was back to playing. My Nanna says gardening isn't work it's playing, as she enjoys it so much.

I helped Poppy turn this soil over. I got lost a couple of times in the big parsley hedge. It was so much fun digging holes and helping Poppy. Nanna is going to grow eggplants, capsicum and silverbeet in this area.

After we turned the soil, it was time to collect more of that earthy smelling compost that makes Nanna happy.

My Nanna says the ducks are really cute dabbing for worms and grubs in the compost. They were so excited when the wheel barrow was filling with the compost.

Eggplant, capsicum and silverbeet all planted out. Nanna is getting so excited about the harvest she is hoping to get from her vegie patch this year. My Nanna says I have been a big help in getting the vegie patch organized before the long weekend. She likes to have most of it planted out by the end of the long weekend.

Poppy weeded the dwarf Red Delicious apple tree and then a thin layer if compost was mixed into the top bit of soil. Nanna planted out Poppy's portulaca seedlings, as Poppy has a black thumb.

My Nanna says........Poppy keep the weeds out of the area and those portulaca's will be flowering and spreading over the area in no time at all.

We called it quits once we had all the list done for today. Nanna sat with me outside after I woke from a big sleep and gave me my lunch. Then we had a little play and a cuddle. Nanna was feeling tired after all the gardening from the last 4 days and we had a nap together on the lounge.

Dad turned up and told Nanna I wasn't coming over tomorrow. That was news to us both! eek I don't think Nanna took the news too well. She was telling me that tomorrow we had zucchinis and pumpkins to plant out as well as some flowers. Now she has to do that by herself. Nanna was very brave when she collected all my toys and left over snacks.

My Nanna says I can come back anytime I want.

My Nanna loves me very much.

Special thanks to Ben & Amy for letting me enjoy Bobby over the last 4 days. Not being able to have a dog due to Pat's allergies to them, it was a special time for me. Best part was I didn't have to share Bobby until his parents came to collect him.

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