Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wet Weather

Its been a wet and cold winter here in Luckyland, so wet that gardening has been a hit miss affair.

Some plants have thrived with the rain and some have been lost.

Spring is starting to show with our fruit trees in blossom and now we seem to be having more sunny days to cloudy and overcast.

Lost all the carrot seedling as they just couldn't cope with the rain that fell. In the end the soil wasn't soaking the water up as quick and it was laying on top of the soil for a few days and slowly soaked away. Silverbeet and baby spinach thrived next to the carrots.

I was even hanging clothes out standing in water. The lawn was saturated, making for me to be extra careful that I didn't drop any freshly washed clothes into the water. Thankfully this didn't happen.

We've had a dry spell for a few days now, though we were woken to some rain and thunder last night. But not enough to cancel today's plans in the chook run.

Pat had helped to remove the top layer of mud from the girls run and this was placed in the vegie patch where the pumpkins will grow this summer.

With that being cleaned up, the 4 mm of rain last night wasn't an issue for me playing in their area.

With the sun shining, the girls took advantage of this and began sun baking. It was lovely to see this instead of the wet soggy chooks of the last few months.

Today I removed 4.5 wheel barrows of bedding from the shed that houses the poultry at night. The girls were so enjoying themselves in the shed.

So helpful I gave them some weeds as I was forever tripping over them in the shed. I was scared I would slice a foot off one of them when gliding the shovel around collecting their waste.

Pat thought some pavers would help if the run became muddy again. At least the girls wouldn't be standing in mud while eating.

After the shed was all cleaned out , the girls helped me separate a bale of straw, most went into the shed as deep litter, while 2 feed bags were saved for the rabbits. Pavers are now hidden under the straw. I let them have some in the open run, as they were having fun scratching around for tid bits.

Egg collection has increased. Collected 5 chook eggs today and 4 duck eggs. The Ginger Nuts are finally starting to lay. Love those new eggs from the pullets when they first start to lay.

Watching the run round was a great reward for the effort Pat & I have put in over the last few days.

Until next time....hoo roo

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