Sunday, September 12, 2010

Working For A Crust

Our whipper-sniper has died and we need to save a few $$$$ to get it fixed. With all the rain of late and us both being sick, the weeds have taken over an area on the side of the house near the carport.

So I have employed my 7 lovely ducks to work the area over. They weren't too impressed when I popped them all there.

Though I will say they were happy to be walked to the area.

I'm not standing on anything very high here. Just the cement, but it looks like I am on a chair.

Lots of weeds for them and I bet some juicy snails and slugs too.

The sheet is covering my bunny "Buddy" as he's working for a crust today as well. Mrs. Magpie seems rather interested in him. I'm worried something awful will happen. So the sheet is hiding Buddy, while he chews through his area.

Make me feel like the are in Been watching them on and off this morning. All 7 ducks have settled in and have been dabbing around in the weeds and also eating the long blades of grass.

Hope by the end of the week, this area will look heaps better and trimmed down some.

Going to be interesting to see if the ducks run to this area tomorrow. They tend to form habits and can let me know when they want to go to a particular area.

Until next time....hoo roo

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