Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Magpies

Over these past weeks Pat & I have been visited by a family of magpies. They are often at the backdoor asking for some raw meat or if we're turning soil.....worms.

Mrs. Maggie has become so used to us she will walk around our feet and the other day Mr. Maggie was tapping Pat's toe nail looking for something to eat.

We don't feed them every time they ask, as with Junior now, they have to teach him how to fend for himself.

Last year we didn't get to see their offspring, but this year we have been given the honour of having the whole family visit us.

Mrs. Maggie and Junior

So far Junior has only come to the back fence and watching him learn to fly and land has been a joy. Other than the odd crash landing we have seen, he's doing very well.

The clothes line and other items in the backyard has made it a bit hard for him to negotiate his way in for a safe landing. So usually he doesn't follow mum or dad in, but sits on the back fence or in the gum tree.

Mum top, Dad bottom and Junior in the middle.

Until this morning. When I took a bit of raw meat out for them Junior followed mum in and he was standing right in front of me with his beak open and wings flapping. Waiting for a feed, it was the most amazing feeling and I was so happy to have been able to get so close to him.

He then ran over into the vegie garden and mum continued to feed him the last of the scraps.

Mrs. Maggie is scruffy at the moment, with all the shopping and food gathering for Junior. I think she needs a trip to a beauty shop and some TLC given to her. Mr. Maggie is as sleek as ever.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Latest Garden Update.

Over so many days Pat has been cleaning up an area under the shade cloth for us to sit outside now the warmer weather is here. Pat decided to add some more second hand pavers so we had more room around the table.

Bobby was over yesterday for the whole day and so he got to spend lots of time around the side of the house with Poppy while Nanna pottered around the gardened keeping an eye on them both.

Doesn't it look fab?? We sat out there this morning after our good gardening buddy "Pepe" left. Not as windy around this side of the house, which is great for Pat as he doesn't cope well on those windy days. Maybe now he can be outside just that little bit longer, before it gets tooo windy.

Seven extra rows of pavers were added and its amazing how much more the area has given us. Pat wants to go further with the pavers, but he needs a couple of quiet days now to recover.

This is what we see when walking out our back door. This morning Pepe dropped off 6 bales of pea straw for me and already 3 are working in the garden. Pepe also bought out a pile of strawberry runners from his garden.

For the strawberry plants I sent Pepe home with a lovely comfrey plant and a pile of penny royal (think that is what its

While Pepe planted them out for me, as he knows more about strawberries than me. Figured they will have more of a chance in surviving if they are given a good start.

We also sat out the back and had a cuppa and some fresh scones I baked this morning.

Pepe said I should know what ones will survive in the next fortnight and then I can mulch the plants.

Strawberries along with white nectarine fruits are my most fav fruits. I hope I do the plants justice and get a good feed from them.

In this area are 4 zucchini seedlings, 2 Queensland Blue pumpkin and some salvia and marigolds around the pavers. This is called "Sam's Place as Amy's dog was buried here 8 weeks ago. The kids are renting and we didn't want to leave Sam behind when they moved to a house once its bought.

So it seemed the most natural place was in our backyard. Flowers will pretty the area up and the pavers are to mark Sam's grave and his first summer there will be pumpkins and zucchinis rambling close to him.

What the area looks like after it was mulched. I had to make sure the mulch didn't swallow up the seedlings.

Garden is pumping with lots of yummy goodies and it feels good to have it running at 90% as I want to plant some other foods still.

Until next time....hoo roo

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