Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playground For Bobby

Yep the little grandpuppy is coming over to play while the kids are at work until they move house next month.

Poor little guy had an emergency trip to the vet with a grass seed way down in his ear. So like any protective Nanna, I am going to baby sit him while they are at work.

So Bobby can help me spread more pea straw around the vegies and generally hunt for those FAB dinosaur bones he loves so much.

He's got some great jungle areas to sneak around in. He loved the corn area yesterday when the 3 of them called in after the vet trip.

No having mummy & daddy calling him out for the next 2 Nope..... gonna be so much fun just the 2 of us, bonding and enjoying nature at her best.

These photos were taken this morning.

Until next time......hoo roo

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Grass seeds can be nasty, also watch out for them between their toes, they can get stuck in there.

One step at a time in the Sub Tropics said...

He is a spoilt boy when Nana gets him that's for sure. Please lots of pics of him. What do the feline relatives think of this little charmer???