Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Send Food/Water...No A GPS!!!!!

Have I been missed by anyone in Blogland???? I know that I haven't been posting as much.

Maybe that is because when I go harvesting, I am gone for so long.............think I need a GPS.

Check out the photos. OMG!!!!

That white/sand thingo is the bird bath and I don't think even the birds have been able to see it, let alone use it.

Number 11 is in there somewhere and I know he's alive, as we had a lovely feed of Rhubarb Saturday night.

Zucchini plants are still feeding us, though they are hard to get to as I can't just walk to them.

Tomatoes were miss labeled, we I have no idea what variety they are, but I do know no Black Russian tomatoes on our toast for breakfast.

A hedge of asparagus and corn so high, I am thinking of turning it into a baseball field and see if Kevin wants to film a sequel to his hit movie "Field Of Dreams".

Beans are feeding us and its only early in the season. Getting a nice little variety of them frozen for off season.

I was talking to my dad about how well the garden is growing. He like me, thinks its all the good winter rains while the plants were growing. Fruit trees in my garden and his are full of fruit.

I can also now harvest my own capsicums, that is great as I use a lot in my salads and cooking. They have been so darn dear at the shops, $9.99 a kilo. So I was hunting them down anywhere I could find them cheaper. But no more for this season.....yay.

Eggplants are almost ready to start to be picked as well.

Beetroot is yummy steamed and carrots are sweet as.

Garden is looking so FAB TAB and I am just so happy harvesting and enjoying this time of the year.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


If you didn't see or hear of the rain that fell in South Australia yesterday, you may have been elsewhere on our planet.

So here is some photos after the 2 inches of rain that fell at my place. Some of the water was still laying on top of the lawn even this morning.

This one shows the water sitting on top of the mulch in the vegie patch.

Ducks were pretty happy with the water that was laying around in there run.

Bobby needed to pee, as if there wasn't enough water on the

No real damage to our place or area, just lots of water.

Until next time.......hoo roo from soggy old Luckyland.

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Baby Chickens

Klinger is now the proud mum of 3 little chickens. She's showing every sign of being a good little mother.

Two eggs came to nothing and 1 chicken didn't survive long after hatching.

Its been a couple of years since we've had chickens and I am just so pleased to hear the little cheep noises coming from then old rabbit hutch.

It's rain here at the moment and lots of thunder thrown in. Good for the garden.

Until next time....hoo roo

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