Friday, January 07, 2011


In my last post I showed you the yummy tomato and how I am sharing with a rat, I am going to call "Ben".

I was willing to turn a blind eye, not now though, as I think I am being conned.

The little blighter (for a better word) is now snacking on the corn crop. Some of the ears have been stripped and just the empty cob is left.

This means war!!!! I've harvested the ripe ones and have popped some rat sack in the corn and tomato areas. I am going to invest in a rat trap and remove the rat sack on payday. The rat sack isn't sitting well with me, as I am worries about other animals. Also its a bit harsh of a death.....for the little bugger.

Thinking happy thoughts!!!!!

Snow Gold is the variety and we had our first feed tonight and boy no wonder the (you know who) is hopping into them. Corn is sweet as and oh so yummy.

Also I have been harvesting a bumper crop of beans.

More so the Blue Lake bean variety, but there is also some King Purple and Butter beans in today's harvest. Weighing in at 754 gram, I'm getting a lovely supply in the freezer.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sharon-NZ said...

hate to tell ya, but from my recent experience BEN prob has a whole lot of family there as well..... ;o)

greenfumb said...

My rat managed to disappear a whole red kuri pumpkin while I was away for a week. Not one single shred of skin or seed was left. Personally I am hoping that one of my 3 cats, or next doors Jack Russell find him.