Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Late last year I had come to the conclusion my tomatoes had been mislabeled and I wasn't growing the Black Russian variety.

I am so happy to report I was wrong.

Second tomato for the season. First one was attacked by what I am guessing was a rat, as only 1 full side had been eaten away. Not a pecked hole like a bird tends to do.

Saved this one before it was eaten too much.

Yes I did cut the chewed bit off and the tomato was very yummy on our toast for breakfast yesterday.

So each day I am out checking for any newly starting to ripen fruits and bringing them inside. With the floods in Australia and talk of food sky rocketing.......its either us or the rat, that is going to be eating fresh organic food from our garden and I can tell you the rat isn't going to be the one.

Until next time....hoo roo

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angela said...

we have a few tomatos on the vines but the nighttime temps havent been warm enough for them to ripen. We could only plant in the raised garden beds as out the back was way to wet for way to long. I am thinking of putting in more as this seems to be the best option for us, and our backs.