Sunday, January 09, 2011

Lucky's Tip Of The Day.

Last night I thought I would see who or what is eating my corn.
So down to the vegie garden with a torch I went.
Couldn't quite see where I was standing, so I stepped in closer.

I had the nectarine tree brushing my face,
Chilli plant gently brushing my bare leg.....
Or was it??

Shit!!! Spider web!!!
Can't stand spider webs, spiders walking on me I don't mind.
But a web on way!

So I back peddled, feeling the web sticking to my bare leg.
I shine the torch down to see what and where the web is.

Big arse spider wasn't happy I was wreaking his/her web.
Either that, or having a torch shone in their eyes.

Once I had stopped my ritual dance and was web free,
I had a look and gee what a beautiful spider.

Even dragged poor Pat out for a look. Come see, come see... I was yelling.
Wonder the neighbours all didn't some for a look.

Lucky's Tip For The Day.

Don't go out in the dark and climb through your vegie patch,
never know who you may meet!

Until next time..... Shit happens when ya party naked.


Beeshebags said...

So, I'm thinking you didn't end up finding the corn eating culprit then? You really are thrifty though aren't you? I mean, recycling spiders webs coz you didn't wanna buy fish nets is a bit thrifty isn't it? ROFLMAO Hugs Naomi

Dar said...

EEEE, spiders, love to look at them and photograph them but not too fond of getting webbed either...
Just had to take a peek and see what you might be growing have got to be living where it is very warm in Jan. It's cold, cold, bitter cold, here in northcentral WI, USA
Your page warmed me right up to see veggies already., and lemon trees growing? Lucky you.
Have a great spring

angela said...

Yuk I dont Like spiders at all! So did you find out who or what was eating your corn.
I bet you looked funny! lol